Tea Leaf Reading 7

tea leaf reading

Images seen:

Large horse-shoe, with smaller horse-shoe.

Line of dots

Large building surmounted by

Tree, overlapping rim.


Small triangles.

Letter ‘T’ with letter and money signs.


The journey to prosperity may literally be just that, a journey. A move to a new residence or workplace may happen to you, and it will be more than just a transfer of location. New opportunities for good things may just come with the place you are going to. It may just be that your previous hometown may not offer the favorable environment that leads to your success. Chances are, what you need for your progress can be found elsewhere. Be not afraid to get out of the small circle you are put in.


Romantic relationships come with benefits. Your bond with your soulmate does not only involving happy feelings, there are also material and personal blessings mixed in as well. Be prepared for any significant gifts or help from your loved one today. It can come in the form of money, new gadgets, or any useful items that can help you later on in life. Love is shown in action, and generous gift giving and sharing are among its many manifestations. Be sure to thank your partner later on for it.


If you seek vitality, it is time to go out and move, literally! You may have been lacking in exercise lately from sitting around in your office, or your lifestyle is encouraging you to become a couch potato. Well, sitting like a rock will make you as sick as a rock later on. Get up and see the world. Get some fresh air, and do some serious hiking and walking around. Your body is meant for action, and doing action in nature is one way of keeping it in a happy condition. 

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