Tea Leaf Reading 8 humanity

tea leaf reading


When you reach for your goals, do not forget your humanity. The chase for prosperity often forces us to become cutthroat in our actions and competitive in our thinking. This often leads us to hurt the people around us, simply because we think they are stepping stones or obstacles in our path. Making too many enemies can later endanger our success, and the loneliness we get from alienating others can make our wealth feel worthless. Every now and then, try to slow down. Take notice of those who work alongside you and those who care for you. Have some charity for others. Know that the purpose of wealth is not only for yourself, but it is to be shared for the good of all.


We cannot please everybody. It is not everyday that our actions actually make our romantic partners happy. Unintentionally, we often do things that prove to be selfish and hurtful to our loved ones, which later leads to more problems. Some humility and self awareness is called for right now. Be mindful of your actions and admit your wrongs if ever you hurt your partner in one way or another. A love relationship is kept strong by those who watch over their moves and show consideration towards their partners.


All people have their limits. Some foolishly stretch it to the point of irreversible damage. In your frantic chase for success, perhaps you have not been caring for yourself properly for a long while. Check your mind. What state of thoughts and feelings do you have right now? Check your body. Do you have energy and vitality, or are you starting to feel things that may need attention? Take a rest, and do what you can to care for yourself for now. Winning is useless if you do not have the health to enjoy it. 

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