Tea Leaf Reading 8

tea leaf reading

Images seen:

Coffin in bottom, with letter ‘V.’

Flag i with rifle on side.


Letter  ‘K’ near sceptre.

Astrological sign of Mars 


Every quest has its dangers. The path to prosperity always comes with its risks. Do not be too complacent with your current successes, and always be prepared for whatever happens at your work or business. Life will always put hardships and problems to test your resolve. It is only when you have the foresight and readiness to face it all that you can overcome what problems appear before you.


Finding love is not always easy. There can be challenges that can block your path to romance. You can always look at the mirror and see for yourself the weaknesses you need to work on yourself. Do you have a messy appearance? Are your attitude and habits acceptable to others? Do you have the maturity, wisdom, and material resources to back your future relationship? If you are lacking in these, then it is time to pause from searching for love, and to go and embark on your self improvement. To attract romance, you must be first worthy of it. To find love, you must first make yourself lovable.


Keeping yourself healthy will be a long struggle. There are a lot of things within that need to be conquered. You are having an ongoing battle with bad habits and harmful lifestyles that ruin your mind and body. This is a time for extra discipline and hard decisions. Denying yourself some pleasures and doing extra work for your health may seem like killjoy at first, but then the payoff is worth it in more ways than one. 

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