Tea Leaf Reading Meaning 2 things

tea leaf reading


Things change in a split second. It can be good or bad, for better or worse. In your case it is definitely for the better! Prepare yourself for good surprises in the coming days. It could be a promotion at work, a breakthrough in your business, or actual money and valuables being given to you from various sources. Be ready, and be open to receive. It can come at any time. 


Love can come from the most unlikeliest places. It can also come as a surprise. If you have been lonely or single for quite a while, be prepared for sudden changes! It can be a secret admirer, or a friend who has been hiding their true feelings from you. Be open and look out for any signs. You need not go very far to find romance. Because this time romance will try to find you!


Things can change in your well being like the weather. It can be for good or for bad, you cannot predict what can happen next. Some proper self care, rest, and the basics can help prepare you for the worst. If you have been working out or doing regimens to improve your health, then be happy! Your efforts will bear fruit and you will be more than surprised at the positive results that will come.

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