Tea Leaf Reading Meaning 3 prosperity

tea leaf reading

meaning two


There is prosperity in your future, but you are too afraid to reach for it. What could be the likely cause? It is fear. Fear mainly from the past, that your embarrassing mistakes will repeat themselves again and you will fail spectacularly in front of everyone. Get up! Accept your mistakes and learn from them, but do not let them imprison you in the past. Face your confidently and keep trying despite any possible failures. A good tomorrow comes to those who keep moving and never give up.


Abandoned, lonely, and unhappy. This is possibly your state right now. You are looking for new romance but to no avail. Are you starting to think that people hate you? Look within, and see the real cause. You are still stuck in the past, attached to a relationship that has failed long ago. It reflects in the way you act and talk to others. It is time to let go of what has been, and embrace the good that will come in. It is only when you are empty again that something valuable will enter into your life once more.


Are you feeling sick for no clear reason? Depressed, or bothered with maladies that prevent you from enjoying life? Somehow your visits to the doctor may not have been helping you lately. Perhaps the causes are something else deeper. You may have been stressed and disconnected, and you need to reconnect with nature. Or you are trapped in the past, and it is keeping you from feeling good about the present life. Either way, you need to get out and move on. Reconnect once more to the source and let go of the dark memories for a happier future. Healing your inner pain and recharging your inner self can heal your body as well.

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