Tea Leaf Reading meaning two

tea leaf reading


It is time for a change in strategies. You are probably wondering why you are not succeeding, or your wealth and career both not prospering. Well, you cannot do the same thing over and over and expect better results. Indeed, you are stuck in your comfort zone and you wish not to go out of it. This calls for courage, and the will to overcome your fears. It is only when you leave the usual path and go into the unknown that you will discover great things for yourself.


Look into a mirror and see how you project yourself. Are you having trouble finding love? Do you have issues with attracting people towards you? Do not blame the unfairness of the world, or the tastes of others for that matter. Look at the way you dress, the way you act, and the way you talk. It may not be appealing to other people, or your conduct may be too abrassive and hurtful. The solution is not to force others to love you, but to make changes to yourself to be worthy of love. It is a difficult action to take, but it must be done. No one wants to be lonely for being unlovable, including you.


It is time to move away from bad habits. You may have had vices that are ruining your health, or you may have been neglecting self care to the point that you are getting sick. Well, you need not remain in that awful prison for long. Try something new, something better that can be good for you. It can be drinking more water or eating more vegetables, moving your body more, or going out in nature instead of smoking when you are stressed. You have the power to go from a place of weakness to a place of betterment. All you have to do is have the will for it.

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