Tea Leaf Reading two

tea leaf reading

Images seen:

Two pistols, A cannon with a trident in the middle. A pear.

A tree.A house.

A pair of compasses near the rim.

Several small triangles scattered about. 


The road to success will be full of struggle. It is possible that you may come into conflict with people who may be after the same goals. Learn to compromise, and share with those in need if you can. Always remember the reasons you are chasing for wealth and prosperity. It can be a very empty feeling if you have attained your dreams but have lost connection with your roots. Keep your values stable, and the money and success will follow.


Like scattered random pieces, that is how your daily life with your loved one is like. The both of you have too many petty concerns to mind about that all time for affection is almost gone. Set some boundaries and a good direction for solving your problems together. Have important goals like getting a house for family life in future, education, or financial stability. Genuine romance is a balance between good feelings and responsibilities. Two mature people will know how to handle both. 


You are not all put together. A lot of things regarding your health have been neglected for some time. Small habits and others that when left unattended to will combine into something worse. Time for some discipline and direction. Make some changes in your life that will improve your wellbeing later on. Fitness and diet goals are a good start. Good things happening to your well being begins with you,

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