The Complete Guide to Crystals for Fertility

Although trying to have a child is a really exciting time, there are moments when it also seems a bit daunting. When there are so many things you should and shouldn’t do, it might be tough to let go.
For couples who desire to boost their chances of becoming pregnant, fertility crystals are incredibly helpful. They are helpful for couples who wish to unwind a little while trying to become pregnant. Crystals aid in getting your body and mind ready for the birth of your family’s precious new member.

Some women take the wonder of life for granted until they’ve had trouble becoming pregnant. They underrate the intricate processes that must take place before life even starts. Couples who are having trouble becoming pregnant may benefit from using fertility crystals.

By calming the body and mind, addressing hormone imbalances, and lowering stress, they improve women’s chances of becoming pregnant. Numerous crystals have been shown to enhance conception and boost fertility. They will not only provide you with the outcomes you want but also safeguard your unborn kid.


Will Crystals Help Me Get Fertile?

There is a crystal for practically every function, including fertility and pregnancy, and crystals and stones may aid you in many facets of your life. But may crystals really aid with conception?

Infertility may benefit from healing stones. They give out a soft energy that boosts your vitality, which eventually leads to more fertility. Based on how the elements are arranged inside their chemical structure, these crystals have their unique frequency.

A mild healing energy is released when each component vibrates at a certain frequency. Crystals emit energy based on the distinctive pulsation of its constituent parts inside the interior crystalline structure.

It is thought that when crystals are placed near to the body, the electromagnetic field of the human body changes. They have an impact on the body in this way, and mending begins in this way as well. As the body heals, negative energies from the body are absorbed by crystals, which then release good energies that are then absorbed by the body, bringing about an energetic equilibrium. You must thus wash your crystals in preparation for each therapeutic session.


How to Control Fertility in Crystals

When you actively allow new energies to enter a crystal, you are programming it. As fresh energy enters the crystal from you, it becomes specifically yours.

Charge your crystal to make sure it emits good vibes and the intention you want it to have. For instance, you may charge your crystal by picturing pure white light from the cosmos entering it in order to enhance healing and increase reproduction.

Ask your crystal to carry the energy of love, healing, and fertility as you visualize this energy entering it. Say something along the lines of “I program this crystal to restore the harmony in my body, mind, and spirit. Please grant me health and procreation. Thanks a lot! Never forget to express your gratitude to the cosmos and your crystal for their gifts.


Crystals that Promote Fertility


One of the gems that is often suggested for dealing with reproductive issues is moonstone. It may be worn both during and after sexual activity to aid in conception. Due to its alignment with the feminine energy of the moon, moonstone is incredibly potent.

A moonstone may greatly aid fertility when it is set beneath a full moon and infused with divine feminine energy. This makes it the most useful gemstone to carry about while trying to conceive.

Your feminine vitality is increased. It’s a love crystal that enables you to concentrate on love rather than becoming pregnant when having sex. Chances of becoming pregnant are considerably boosted by concentrating on the romantic component. When there are problems with your menstrual cycle, this stone is also quite helpful in managing it.

The greatest gemstone for fertility is moonstone. It provides steady feelings and relaxing energy. Furthermore, it supports natural conception. To maximize the healing qualities of your moonstone crystal, utilize it while the moon is full.



A crystal of sexual and artistic energy is carnelian. It helps clear any obstructions in the reproductive organs and restore equilibrium to the sacral chakra. Your self-assurance in giving birth, holding, and nurturing a kid increases as a result. Being a passion gemstone, it also activates your sexual side.

It promotes more intense and impulsive romantic behavior. Your hormones are balanced and your reproductive system is stimulated, preventing miscarriage. The uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and vagina are all stimulated and balanced by carnelian. It reduces PMS symptoms as well as other reproductive-related discomforts.


More Fertility Crystals

Due to its role in protecting both mother and fetus from damage, aquamarine is very protective during pregnancy. It is a gemstone that offers protective energies and deters miscarriage. It’s a great crystal to have if you’re trying to become pregnant but are having problems.


When you’re attempting to become pregnant, celestite links you with your guardian angel and harnesses their healing energies.


Your efforts to conceive are supported by the nurturing energy of lepidolite. Your worries about becoming pregnant and giving delivery are allayed.


Garnet removes any energy blockages in your reproductive region and guarantees that your energy is flowing freely throughout your whole body.


Your libido and sexual arousal are increased by fluorite. Additionally, it purifies your aura and expels any unfavorable vibrations from it. Additionally, it regulates hormonal fluctuations like PCOS and PMS. It acts to balance hormonal fluctuations and provides assistance with them.


Rhodonite promotes forgiveness and compassion. It serves as a rescue gemstone and helps you overcome your concerns. It sends you strong healing vibrations that aid in resolving your marital issues.


Aventurine promotes fertility and increases conception. It is also regarded as a love stone that fosters optimism and may heighten emotions.


Brilliant crystal black coral may increase your fertility.


Using chyrsoprase to help in your pregnancy attempts also has the same result.


A great gemstone to have if you want to become pregnant is jade.


Additionally, wearing pearls may increase fertility. They exude a gentle, pleasant spirit that makes you want to simply go ahead and get pregnant.


Rose quartz promotes fecundity and promotes tranquility. Overall, it boosts your fertility. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. During pregnancy and delivery, it is an incredibly beneficial and protecting crystal. When attempting to address your reproductive concerns, it also helps you let go of your worries, grudges, and anger.


Smoky quartz balances your sexual energies and improves fertility. It alleviates depression that may develop when you try to conceive. The sexual organs are likewise positively impacted by this stone, which improves all of their activities.


Another suggested stone for assisting with reproductive problems is ruby zoisite. Additionally, it aids in the growth of the baby throughout pregnancy. It encourages fertility and speeds up the whole reproductive cycle, including conception, pregnancy, birth, and growth. In order to increase your passion and vigor for life, it also stimulates the root chakra.


Unakite assists in conception and childbirth. It’s a very well-liked fertility stone that promotes mother and child health. After pregnancy, it aids in maintaining equilibrium and serenity, and during delivering, it provides physical support. It is a crystal that is suggested for usage in order to have a fruitful conception, a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy birth.


The crystal of plenty is called moss agate. It exudes a tranquil aura that lends steadiness and power. Additionally, it increases fertility.


Fertility and conception are encouraged by green aventurine. Additionally, it is said to provide luck, happiness, and vigor.


Hematite is a grounding, soothing, and relaxing stone. Additionally, it may cure neurological diseases, anemia, muscular cramps, and blood circulation issues as well as reduce bleeding. When you are dealing with challenging situations, you may wear it as a necklace or bracelet to boost your bravery and provide uplifting energy. It is a gemstone that neutralizes unfavorable energy in your surroundings.


Tiger’s Eye helps you realize your goals and aspirations. It promotes optimism, good health, peace, and harmony. Additionally, it helps pregnancy and fertility by bringing the energy of your reproductive system into harmony.


The Use of Crystals in Fertility

Crystals may be used in a variety of ways to promote fertility. Setting your intentions to activate the energy of your crystal is the first thing you must do.


Bathe in your crystals of fertility

The most feminine and loving approach to connect with the energies of fertility crystals is to take a bath in them. Simply use a few crystals together with your preferred bath salts, herbs, and essential oils in your bath. Making sure you do this on a regular basis is easy by doing it every new or full moon.


Be Aware Of The Moon Cycles

Your body and mind will be greatly impacted by living in harmony with the moon. Due to the moon’s very feminine energy, this is particularly true while attempting to become pregnant. With the help of the new moon and your crystals, set an intention. Set aside the cycle to provide time and space to welcome a new child into your life.


Create a body layout.

Put crystals where you need healing on your body based on intuition. In order to increase your fertility, let your intuition lead you to the parts of your body that want repair. With the crystals you are drawn to the most, arrange them in a grid on your body.


Put on fertility charms

It’s crucial to stay in touch with your crystal’s energies throughout the day. You may wear bracelets for procreation composed of lepidolite and moonstone. Love and fertility are associated with these two gemstones.

The bracelet represents the blessing of a big family. Additionally, it encourages hormonal harmony, strengthens the immune system, and reduces anxiety. It eases your concerns about becoming pregnant or giving delivery by bringing loving and caring energy. It’s a fantastic bracelet to wear the whole duration of your pregnancy.

Additionally, a pregnancy bracelet made of both moonstone and carnelian is one option. These gems inspire passion, vitality, and excitement. The sacral chakra, which is related to the female reproductive system, connects them both. They are crystals that provide protection and serve as a steady supply of energy.

When you’re beginning a new chapter in your life, you may also wear a bracelet comprised of Chrysocolla and Amazonite. Women might feel incredibly empowered by these gems.

Both the mother and the kid may benefit from their kind and comforting energy. This bracelet aids in reducing anxiety and tension. It gets you ready for starting again as a mother. It also lessens labor discomfort.


Establish A Crystal Elixir

Try preparing a Rose Quartz and Carnelian crystal elixir with water. You may drink this water every day with your companion. It is preferable to place your crystals outside or nearby the container if you are unsure of which crystals may interact with water or the chemistry of the other crystals.


Establish A Fertility Grid

With your crystals on a particular table or beneath your bed, you may create a fertility grid in your house. Choose the gemstones that resonate with you the most. Put the images in a circle and add a photo of you and your spouse in the center.

Put them in a room with rattles, cuddly animals, and feeding bottles for babies. You are welcome to state your intentions. Because distinct crystals magnify the energies of the others, combine different crystals that you are aware resonate well with you.


Keep fertility crystals on you

Keep a few crystals with you, or put a tumbled stone in your handbag. Additionally, you may place it there while you are sleeping. It’s crucial that you keep it near to your body at all times.

The crystals may be held in your hands as you meditate, or you can place them on your sacral chakra or over your ovaries for 15 to 20 minutes each day.


Conclusions Regarding Fertility Crystals

It’s fun to choose which fertility stones to accept in your life. There actually aren’t any bad turns to take here, so don’t feel any pressure to make the “perfect” one!

You may discover that certain crystals are more alluring to you unconsciously or instinctively than others, depending on factors such as the make-up of your family, your star sign, or even your favorite color.

Follow your heart here, please! It is quite easy to become stuck in a cycle of pessimism and even despair while attempting to expand our family. You may both be worn out and perplexed by it all, depending for how long you and your spouse have been trying.

However, although crystals for promoting fertility may never completely replace professional and medical care, they may undoubtedly benefit both your physical and mental health. All you have to do is decide which gemstone suits you the best!

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