The Mystical Properties of Stone Pendants

For centuries, man has used gems for a variety of purpose other than mere ornamentation. Gems were used to soothe and to strengthen, to bring good luck and to ensure a loved one a safe journey. Over time, cynicism has drawn man away from the mystical properties that were believed to inhabit each stone; however, with the renewal of many of the old beliefs concerning spirituality and the ever-increasing popularity of stone pendants men, women and children are beginning to learn about the hidden properties of the stones once again they wear.

Mystical Properties:

– Amethyst is believed to aid in addictions and alcoholism. It is also believed that amethyst possesses soothing properties to aid an individual in distress. It enhances psychic ability and aids in meditation.

– Topaz is believed to help lift depression. It will also help the wearer to find great success and true love and opens to them their inner creativity that may have previously been stifled.

– Chrysocolla will help soothe a person’s allergies. It also helps purify its wearer’s external environment and promotes inner harmony.

– Carnelian will help a person overcome their anger and achieve a cooler head.

– Copper will help to soothe the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

– Aquamarine is the choice of any who are going into a situation that will require them to display great courage. It also possesses certain protective properties and will help its wearer use their intellect.

– Azurite is excellent for clearing the psyche and increasing psychic awareness.

– Emeralds help increase the strength of the wearer’s memory retention and helps them achieve mental clarity. This is a particularly good stone for the elderly.

– Diamonds give their wearer confidence and mental clarity. They also bring inspiration.

– Obsidian is a grounding stone with protective properties. It will help reveal to the wearer their flaws and find how to fix them.

– Jade will help to cure loneliness. It also helps the wearer to achieve a deep sleep and to recall any dreams which they may have had throughout the night which have escaped from their consciousness.

– Trilobite will grant its wearer patience.

– Lepidolite will help to counter the physical afflictions caused by stress and help the wearer overcome the outside world and attain inner peace.

– Turquoise will grant its protective powers to its wearer.

– Rubies represent love, wealth and protection for their wearer.

– Tiger eyes are grounding, and allow their wearer to obtain a deeper insight into their inner self. This is also a stone to encourage continued optimism in life.

– Sapphires bring their wearer joy and peace, as well as prosperity.

– Onyx will aid in the grieving process for those whose hearts are troubled.

The metals in which the stones are set possess metaphysical properties all their own. Silver is cleansing, providing a mirror to the soul, and aiding the stones that it sets in retaining the full strength of their metaphysical properties; for this reason, silver is the preferred metal when creating jewelry with the various stones above.

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