The Signs Of Astrology – Libra

In this series of Astrology of the Zodiac, we will be getting a better understanding about Libras.

Libras are represented in the Zodiac by the Scales, the symbol of perfect balance. Because of this, one would think that Libras are balanced, even-tempered, and calm.
One would be wrong.

Yes, Libra can balance, and when she does, those moments are absolute heaven. There is a space before the trays of the scales balance– that time when the weights are not even, when a little bit more needs to be added to one side or the other– and Libra represents that, also. This tends to make Libras a bundle of contradictions, though definitely not as much as Gemini..
Libras, as ruled by Venus, are one of the most attractive signs in the Zodiac. It’s natural for Libra to be friendly and warm.

Libras will drift from one side to the other. When they’re not balanced, they are just as easily gullible and resentful.

One of a Libra’s favorite statements will be something similar to “… but on the other hand …”.
Libra constantly searches for the real truth. They enjoy a good debate, and won’t hesitate to take the other side of an argument solely for the sake of the argument. They can not stand the idea of unfairness or prejudice, and will not hesitate to challenge someone on broad generalizations– and that’s the Libra’s weakness..

A Libra can be prone to indecision. Libras hate to make decisions without analyzing all of the possible results, and all of that forethought can be maddening to others, especially those born under more impulsive signs. That indecision can also lead to the Libra being influenced by others.
Most of all, Libra is a dreamer, who follows her soul wherever it might lead.

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