Water If you are in a relationship 1 dp



You, as a person with a water element, are very emotional and sensitive. You are very caring, nurturing, and loving. You are romantic and passionate and love to be in a relationship. Youalso like to be in a relationship for the long term. A person like you loves to be with your lover all the time, which can be great for some people but not for others.


People with the water element are very sensitive and emotional so you need to make sure that your partner does not hurt you or make you feel bad about yourself. If your partner is not treating you well then you should try to find someone else who will treat you better. People like you tend to be slow moving because you have deep feelings and emotions inside you; these feelings affect how you act when you are around other people as well as how you live your life every day. People who have this element should try not to get upset over small things because it won’t help anything at all; instead you should try focusing on what’s important in life such as family or friends! People with the water element are very caring and compassionate, both to others and to themselves. You are aware of the needs of others and will often go out of your way to make others happy. You tend to be good at reading other people’s emotions, and you can often tell what is going on inside a person even without asking. This makes you great friends and confidants, but it can also make it difficult for you to have romantic relationships.

Moreover, you tend to be quite shy when it comes to romance, which means that you sometimes find it hard to express your feelings in a relationship. If you are dating someone with water as their primary element, then you should let them know that you appreciate how sensitive they are when it comes to relationships and emotions. You should also let them know that there is no need for them to hide these things from you—it’s okay if they don’t feel comfortable sharing every detail with you right away! People with the water element are usually very romantic and passionate. They are also good at expressing their love in words, which can be a gift or a curse depending on the situation.


You tend to be more emotional than other people, which can make them feel overwhelmed when you are in a relationship or even just thinking about being in one. Water-element people often feel that you need more time alone than your partners do, and so you may find yourself withdrawing from your partner when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by feelings of love. This can have a negative effect on the relationship because it shows the partner that their feelings aren’t important enough for the water-element person to share with them openly.
People with water elements are usually very sensitive and intuitive. You are often very caring and compassionate, but you also have a tendency to be shy or even introverted. You are not always the most confident people in your relationships, so you may find yourself feeling insecure at times. Water signs are also very empathetic, which can make them seem like they’re putting other people’s needs before their own.

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