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The Water element is a highly emotional and creative energy, which can make it difficult for people with this element to maintain a healthy personal love life. You are often sensitive to the feelings of others, and you seek meaningful relationships that allow you to express your creativity. You often have a hard time expressing your emotions directly; instead, you may express them through art or music. You tend to be very romantic and idealistic in your outlook on life, preferring long-term relationships that are equal partnerships rather than short-term flings. You may have difficulty communicating your needs in a relationship, so you may find yourself feeling suppressed by your partners or taken advantage of by those who take advantage of your sensitivity.


Your ideal partner would be someone who can help you express themselves without being judgmental about what they say or do. The best way for someone with the water element to attract their ideal partner is by being open about how they feel and putting themselves out there as someone who is willing to commit to a long-term relationship rather than just looking for something casual. Water element people are generally kind, compassionate, and soft-spoken. They are also very emotional, but they tend to keep their feelings bottled up inside. Water element people can be shy around strangers, but once you get to know them, they are very open with their feelings and emotions. Water element people are loyal companions who will stand by your side through thick and thin.


In a romantic relationship, water element people will be the ones who love deeply and take care of you in all aspects of your life. Water element people may not always say what they mean out loud, but they will always show it through actions rather than words. They are honest in their relationships and will only ever want what’s best for the other person in their life.

Water element people prefer one-on-one time over large groups or gatherings because it allows them time alone with their partner without distractions from other people getting in between them during conversation time together which tends not happen very often otherwise especially when traveling long distances away from home where there aren’t many opportunities for either party involved here. Water element people like you are typically very empathetic and intuitive, which makes you great partners in a romantic relationship. You tend to be loving partners who can easily see what your partner needs and will provide it. If a water element person is in a romantic relationship with someone else who has the same element as you, you will likely have a very deep connection that feels almost like an emotional bond.


You are also very loyal—to a fault! This can make them easy targets for those who want to take advantage of their kind nature, but if you’re looking for someone who will stick around no matter what, then this is the sign for you. Water element people are willing to do whatever it takes for their partner, even if it means putting themselves at risk or sacrificing their own desires.

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