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As a person with a water element, when you’re in the midst of a breakup, it can feel like you’re drowning. You might feel like all the good things in your life are slipping away, like you’re sinking into a deep darkness that’s going to swallow you whole—and there’s nothing you can do about it. Water element is the most emotional of all of the elements. It’s associated with feelings, intuition, and healing, and people with a water energy are often very empathetic and sensitive to others’ emotions. They’re also highly reactive to their own emotions—they cry easily, get angry quickly, and feel hurt more deeply than other people might. This means that when a water person experiences heartbreak or trauma, it’s going to hit them harder than someone whose energy is from another element. They’ll have a hard time moving on because they need time to process their feelings before they can move forward in life.


But there’s hope! Water people can learn how to deal with heartbreak in healthy ways that will help them move forward in life and stay happy without their ex-partner. People with the water element have a tendency to be emotionally fragile and sensitive. They are often prone to being hurt by others’ actions and words, and sometimes they may even take things personally that were not intended to be personal.


The best way for someone with this element to recover from a break up is simply to let go of their feelings about the situation, and focus on moving forward. They should try not to dwell on what happened in their past relationship, but rather focus on what they can do next.

For example, one option is going out with friends! This will help them meet new people who can help them move on from their previous relationship without having to worry about getting involved with anyone else right away (which could lead). If they’re feeling like they need some alone time right now, then maybe it’s best if they just stay home tonight instead of going out with friends—but remember: it’s important that you don’t isolate yourself during this time because isolation can cause depression which would make it harder for you to recover from a break up than if you were able to talk about it with someone else who knows how hard breakups can be!


Water is also associated with healing and regeneration. If you are going through a break up or divorce, it’s important to remember that time heals all wounds—even those that seem like they’ll never go away. Remembering this, you can start the healing process by focusing on yourself and your own needs instead of those of your ex-partner or spouse. Don’t try too hard to stay strong or repress your emotions; instead let yourself cry, scream or whatever else helps you get through this difficult time! Crying helps release stress hormones from your body which may have built up over time due to frustration with your relationship ending unexpectedly; screaming helps release anger which may have been building up due to betrayal or other painful experiences during the relationship (such as infidelity).

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