Water If you are recovering from a breakup 5



As a water element person, you are sensitive and emotional. You connect deeply with others and feel the need to be in a relationship. Water element people are also very intuitive and can sense when something is off in their relationship. Even if something is not overtly wrong, you will still feel unhappy or unfulfilled.


When you break up with someone, you have a hard time moving on because you are so attached to your partner. It’s not that you don’t want to move on; you just don’t know how. You may try to force yourself to date other people, but will find that you just don’t connect with anyone else like you did with their ex. This can make you feel stuck in an unhealthy pattern of dating where you keep going back to the same person over and over again.


The best way for you to get over a breakup is by working through your own self-doubt and issues first before attempting another relationship. You should focus on the things that make you happy such as spending time with friends and family or doing activities that bring you joy (exercise, art classes etc.). These activities will help you grow into healthier versions of yourself which will help you attract better matches in future relationships!

Additionally, you might experience a greater sense of vulnerability than usual at this time. If so, it’s crucial to surround yourself with individuals who are aware of how painful breakups can be for water signs and who won’t make an effort to mend it. After a split or divorce, water signs who have been hurt by love often become very protective of themselves since they have learned how harmful it can be to let someone else dictate your happiness. If this applies to you, try setting aside some time to think about what went wrong and what would be different if you had to go through it all over again.


By keeping this in mind, you can begin the healing process by putting more emphasis on your own needs than those of your ex-spouse or partner. Allow yourself to cry, scream, or do whatever else will help you get through this trying time rather than trying too hard to be strong or suppress your emotions. Screaming helps release anger that may have been building up due to betrayal or other painful experiences during the relationship (such as infidelity); crying helps release stress hormones from your body that may have built up over time due to frustration with your relationship ending unexpectedly.


The best way to help someone with the water element recover from a break up is by being patient and compassionate. Water people will often retreat inwardly during this time and need space to process their emotions without feeling like they have to explain themselves or justify their actions. If you have someone close to you who has been hurt by a relationship ending badly, one of the best things you can do is listen without judging them or trying to convince them that everything will be okay. Listen non judgmentally until your friend feels safe enough to open up about what happened and how she feels about it.

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