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People with the Wood element like you are often looking for a partner who understands you and your needs. This can be a difficult thing to find. You tend to be extremely independent, but you also need someone who is able to give you space when you need it. People with the Wood element are not afraid of commitment, but you do not commit easily. You will take your time in order to find someone who can understand your strong personality. Once you do find someone who can understand you, you will be a loyal and devoted partner for life.


Wood element people like you are very attractive and charming people. You are always willing to help others and are easy to get along with. However, when it comes to love relationships, you may feel that the other person does not care about you or does not show enough affection. In addition, you also tend to be more cautious and careful than other people.


Because of this, it will be more difficult for you to find a romantic relationship. It is hard for you to understand why someone wants to love you deeply and care about you deeply. You do not want to appear vulnerable in front of others because you think you are not worth being loved or cared for by others. You think that you have a lot of flaws that make other people feel uncomfortable around you so you don’t want other people’s attention or affection because you are afraid of being rejected by others.

However, if you really love someone you must try your best at all times because there will be times when you feel like giving up on this relationship but in fact there are still many things that can make this relationship stronger such as communication between each other so that both sides understand what each other needs from each other. The wood element is the element of safety, security, and harmony. Wood people are generally very comfortable with themselves and their environments. You tend to be adaptable, flexible, and very open-minded. You also have a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to others.


When it comes to relationships, wood people are great at providing for others and protecting them from harm. You are typically very caring and loving in romantic relationships, especially when they are committed. You can also be very protective over your partners if you feel that your partner is being harmed by someone else or by something outside of the relationship itself.


Moreover, wood people tend to be very loyal individuals who will do whatever it takes to keep their relationships going strong. This includes making sacrifices for your partner when necessary as well as standing up for them when they may not feel comfortable doing so themselves (such as when someone else is attacking them verbally). Wood people often have difficulty communicating their feelings at times because they tend to keep things inside rather than sharing what’s on their minds with others openly; however, once they do open up about something important then you’ll find that this person has an incredible amount of passion within them!

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