Wood If you are in a relationship 3



People with a wood element like you are generally considered to be gentle, caring, and kind. In a romantic relationship, you are likely to be the one who will do anything in your power to make your partner happy. You are the type of person who puts others before yourself and will always try to make sure everyone around you is taken care of.


Because you have such a strong sense of responsibility, people with wood elements can sometimes come off as controlling or bossy. However, this is not your intention at all. It is just that you want everyone around you to feel safe and secure so that you can focus on what matters most: making everyone happy. People with wood elements tend to be very loyal lovers because they value loyalty in relationships above all else. You believe that once you have found someone who makes you happy and whom you love deeply, there should be no reason for any other person in your life besides them because their love is all you need.


People with wood elements also tend to have a hard time expressing their feelings verbally when it comes time for romance because they tend to focus more on action rather than words when it comes down to expressing emotions like love – especially romantic ones such as affection or passion. People with wood elements in their charts tend to be very trusting and loyal, but they can also be extremely jealous. They are easily hurt and will hold grudges for a long time. If you want to date someone with wood elements in their chart, you should never lie to them. They can tell when someone is being dishonest and will never trust you again if they find out that you were not honest with them.

Moreover, wood people also love to make lists of what they like and dislike about other people, so if you want to impress a wood person, do not be afraid to tell them what they are doing right or wrong in your relationship; they will appreciate your honesty. If you have a crush on someone with a wood element in their chart, the best way to get them interested in you is by being forward about it—wood people need no encouragement when it comes to romance. When it comes to personal love reading, people with wood elements are a little bit different than the rest. They are very energetic and active, so they tend to be very busy in their daily lives. When they are in a romantic relationship, they will often be the one who initiates the relationship. Because of their enthusiasm, they can be very charming and can easily attract other people’s attention. They are also known for being spontaneous and impulsive, so sometimes they may make decisions without thinking about how it will affect the other person involved.


In general, wood element people tend to be more focused on their career than anything else. This is why when they enter into a romantic relationship; they will always try their best to keep things balanced between both parts of life. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their partners at all; it just means that there is only a limited amount of time available for them to spend with each other because of their busy schedules at work or school.

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