Wood If you are in a relationship 4



The wood element is the element of growth, so people like you with the wood element tend to be more emotionally open and need to feel loved. You can be shy at first, but you tend to warm up quickly once you feel comfortable with them. You are attracted to people who are loyal and affectionate, and you appreciate a partner who is honest, kind, and has a good sense of humor. These types of people enjoy being surrounded by family and friends, so you don’t like being alone too much either. You often have strong friendships with your parents as well as your partner because you are very family-oriented individuals.


Wood types also tend to be very creative people who love art forms like dance or music because these things allow them to express their emotions freely without fear of judgement from others around them (since most people won’t understand what’s going on inside their heads anyway). The wood element is the last of the elements, and it represents growth and development. People who are born with this element have a strong need to express their individuality and creativity. You tend to be very expressive, so you are not afraid to show your emotions, even when it’s not appropriate.

Specifically, wood element people like you have a hard time dealing with criticism and negative feedback. This stems from your desire to always be right: you can’t bear being wrong about anything, even if it’s something small like a misplaced comma in an email. Because wood element people are so independent and outspoken, you often find yourself in one-sided relationships where you are uninterested in intimacy but your partner isn’t willing to break up with you because you are afraid that no one else will want you either.


These types of relationships often end when the wood element person like you finally realizes how unhappy you are without any support from your partner or family members. Wood element people are warm, faithful and loyal. You are also very affectionate and passionate, as well as being good listeners. You don’t like to be alone, but they can be quite independent and self-sufficient. The wood element person who is in a romantic relationship will usually be very affectionate and loving. He or she will want to spend lots of time with their partner, either by going out together, or just sitting down and watching tv together at home.


Wood element people are very good at listening to their partner’s problems, but you don’t always want to talk about your own problems or problems in general. You would rather focus on what’s happening right now than worry about things that might happen in the future. People with the wood element tend to be practical, responsible, and reliable. You are also very sensitive and caring, so you take your relationships very seriously. When you fall in love with someone, you will be loyal and devoted to that person. You are not prone to cheating or lying in relationships, and you will try your best to make your partner happy. People with the wood element want their partners to be happy because they derive happiness from making others happy.

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