Wood If you are recovering from a breakup 1



You are a wood person, which means that moving on from a romantic relationship is a process. You may have to deal with some pain and an emotional rollercoaster as you work to get over your ex and find someone new. The first step is to accept that things are over. This can be difficult if you’re not ready to let go of the relationship yet, but it’s important to do so before you can move forward. If you don’t accept that it’s over yet, then you’ll continue to keep hoping for something that will never happen again.


Once you’ve accepted that it’s over, go through the grieving process. It’s normal for this process to take time—you shouldn’t rush through it just because you want closure quickly! Allow yourself plenty of time for crying and feeling sad about what happened between you two so that when those feelings finally start going away, there won’t be any leftover pain in their place anymore either (or at least not as much).


Then comes acceptance of your new reality: this person is no longer in your life anymore and will probably never come back again regardless of whether or not they wanted to because they made their choice clear enough by leaving/not responding/etcetera. The element of wood is associated with growth and expansion. This includes the ability to grow in emotional and physical ways. Wood is also associated with flexibility, which means that those who have this element in their natal chart are very adaptable and able to change when the situation requires it.

When we think of the element of wood, we often think about trees; however, it can also be associated with bamboo shoots or even a seedling growing into a tree. When you look at these images, you can see how they apply to this element: all three are constantly growing, changing, and adapting to their environment. This is why people who have wood as their dominant element tend to recover from breakups much more quickly than those who don’t have it as one of their top ten energies—they’re able to move on much faster because they’ve got plenty of other things going on in their lives besides just being sad about a relationship ending.


Specifically, you have to recognize your own weaknesses – The first step in getting over a break up is recognizing your own weaknesses when it comes to relationships. If you have been cheated on by someone who had promised never to do so again before this happened again then it means that there was something wrong with your relationship from the very beginning! You need to figure out why this happened because there may be some underlying issues that need addressing before moving forward with another relationship. The key to finding success in recovering from a break up is to focus on your strengths. The wood element is associated with growth, so thinking about how you can grow as an individual and as a person can help you stay positive during this time. If you have been hurt by someone who was important to you, it’s important to acknowledge that feeling and give yourself time to grieve. However, if you don’t want to do this yourself, there are many other ways of dealing with the pain of heartbreak.

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