Wood If you are recovering from a breakup 2



The Wood element is a strong and resilient one, but it can also be emotionally fragile. This is because the wood element is introverted and risk-averse, and therefore does not like to express its feelings. When it comes to romance, this can make you seem cold and distant. However, the wood element is actually very sensitive and affectionate—you just need time to warm up to new relationships before you will let down your guard and become intimate with someone.


Woods are very loyal when they’re in love. You will stick by your partner through thick and thin, no matter what happens in the relationship. If you’re dating a wood, you can trust that they won’t leave you unless there’s no other option available to them. But if they do leave you (whether it’s because of an affair or something else), they may take some time away from your relationship before coming back again. This is because woods tend to feel more comfortable with distance between them and others than they do with close proximity; this applies even when it comes to romantic relationships.


Wood element is the most active and dynamic of all five elements. Your energy is very strong, and you tend to be more spontaneous than other people. You are also very energetic, but sometimes you can be too impulsive and reckless. Wood element people are very ambitious and determined, so you always want to achieve your goals as soon as possible. You are also full of passion and enthusiasm for life in general, which makes you very attractive to others.

However, if you are a wood element person who has just had a breakup with your partner or spouse, it is important that you understand yourself better so that you can recover from this traumatic experience quickly. When you are hurt by someone who has meant a lot to you, it can be difficult to heal your heart and move on from the experience. In fact, if your situation is like many people’s—where they have been in a long-term relationship with a partner that they love dearly but who has left them—it may seem impossible to ever feel happiness again.

Be gentle with yourself: The first thing that you need to do when recovering from a breakup is be as kind and compassionate with yourself as possible—even if this is difficult because of how much pain you’re experiencing right now. Remember that every person goes through emotional upsets at some point in their lives; even though yours may feel especially intense right now, it doesn’t mean that it will last forever. To help you get started with thinking about these questions, try taking a walk outside—it’s perfect weather for doing so! Try breathing deeply while walking through nature (or even just some trees) and listening to their sounds; taking notice of how they change over time; noticing how they smell; noticing what kinds of animals show up in this area today (if any).

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