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Finances – Getting Profits is a Gamble

Opportunities pop up right in front of you. Any of them can give you that financial break you are looking for; be it a new job, a new business, or a cool investment. Wait, do I sense a shaking feeling in your knees? You are probably thinking in your mind right now that doing all those things is crazy, stupid, and terrifying even. Yes, it feels scary to go into what is new, but you have to if you want to get out of that “empty wallet” phase you are going through. It is like gambling. Only those who try and play can have the chance to win big. Who wins? Not the overly cautious. The Fools of this world are the ones who try to play, and win unexpectedly! So, is someone dangling a rich proposition in front of you? Is there an interesting work opportunity being opened for you that seems a little bit scary, but high paying and worth the risk? Then go for it! Be stupid enough to grab the treasure. Fear has no place in building up your finances.  

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