The Planets – Saturn, Ruler of Karma

There are ten planets studied in astrology. The number ten is arrived by adding the moon and the sun. The earth is not counted, because our perspective is from the earth. Each planet influences both the sun sign and the house in which it resides in the astrological chart.

Each planet represents the influence that it holds over the sun sign and the house in which it rules. Saturn, for example, represents the limitations of man. Jupiter represents leadership and prosperity. The other planets have their own representations and influences.

Planetary movements and alignments are also very important in astrology. Various planetary alignments and movements can indicate extreme influences over all aspects of our lives. When Mars is in retrograde, conflicts will be more dominant in our lives.


Saturn, The Ruler of Karma

Saturn doesn’t make things simple. That is the part of the disciplinarian of the zodiac. Saturn orders us to work and to buckle down. Order and duty are essential to this Planet, yet in case we’re anxious to conquer the world, that is OK, as well


Like Father Time, Saturn begs us to take a gander at the clock (its glyph is the sickle of Chronos, the God of Time). Is there time for all that we need to do, or are there limits? Those restrictions are essential to Saturn, and we should figure out how to oversee them. Limitations are the region of this Planet, similar to any control or postponement. 


With regards to the progression of time, Saturn oversees mature age alongside the exercises it educates us. Learning life’s exercises is critical to this Planet, with regards to its part as an educator. The grandness of more established age likewise carries with it a specific feeling of custom, expectedness (our learned examples of conduct), and cunning, and Saturn is aware of these qualities. This Planet acclaims our persistence and the way that we’ve withstood the trial of time (indeed, an opportunity arrives up by and by). This senior status further carries with it a proportion of power and Saturn lords over that too. 


Design, request, and how we lead our issues are completely governed by this ringed Planet. Withdrawal and getting control over resources are additionally significant here. Ultimately, Saturn, again in his part as an educator, frets about karma and the exercises that past encounters may bring. 


It takes Saturn 28-30 years to finish its circle of the zodiac. It is masculine energy and rules both Capricorn and Aquarius and the Tenth and Eleventh Houses.


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