The Planets – Mercury, Ruler of Communication

There are ten planets studied in astrology. The number ten is arrived by adding the moon and the sun. The earth is not counted, because our perspective is from the earth. Each planet influences both the sun sign and the house in which it resides in the astrological chart.

Each planet represents the influence that it holds over the sun sign and the house in which it rules. Saturn, for example, represents the limitations of man. Jupiter represents leadership and prosperity. The other planets have their own representations and influences.

Planetary movements and alignments are also very important in astrology. Various planetary alignments and movements can indicate extreme influences over all aspects of our lives. When Mars is in retrograde, conflicts will be more dominant in our lives.


Mercury, Ruler of Communication

Mercury, similar to the winged courier of the divine beings, comes in on feather-light wings and orders us to talk. Correspondence, insight, and mindfulness are all inside Mercury’s space, as are rationale and thinking, our way of reasoning, and how we make and express our perspectives. 


An inconsistent nature infers fretfulness and movement. Rodent a-tat-tat — things happen quickly here. Mercury is about a speedy mind, fast reasoning, potential outcomes, sentiments, thinking, and the capacity to excuse things. Inconsistent energy can be positive or negative, yet it will be stimulating! This Planet also prompts us to move to start with one thing then onto the next and find solutions on both a physical and mental level. Further, Mercury’s energy is both able and insightful. 


Mercury is about short outings: a visit to a neighbor or a companion across town, the everyday drive, an end of the week escape. Kin, and transportation, as a rule, are additionally inside Mercury’s domain. 


Talking, composing, books, online interchanges, and learning are all inside Mercury’s area. This Planet implores us to communicate our thoughts frequently — and well. At the point when Mercury goes retrograde (the presence of voyaging in reverse), be that as it may, our correspondences will be tested. 


Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun; it requires around 88 days to finish its circle of the Sun. It is neither manly nor female energy and accepts the sex of the sign it is in. It rules the two Gemini and Virgo and the Third and Sixth Houses.


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