Midheaven, sign by sign. Part ii

As we promised in our previous note, now is the time to talk about the Midheaven, sign by sign: the profession, how they see the world, and where each one has their ruling planet.

  1. MC in Aries: they are people who “go and do” or who have to learn from this quality of “going and doing.” Encouraging, launching, and undertaking can help them mature.
  • The profession will have to do with fire, movement, and action and with being leaders, bosses, directors, entrepreneurs, independent workers, and everything that has to do with sports and physical activity.
  • They see the world fast, anxious, violent, that nobody registers anyone in this society.
  • Looking at where Mars is helping to understand where the focus of vocation is clearer.
  1. MC in Taurus:
  • Develop perseverance and patience in the profession. Everything that has to do with food, body, money, and resources and also artistic and aesthetic qualities because Taurus is governed by Venus.
  • They see the world with an energy of slowness, passivity, and materialism. The energy of Taurus is projected in the world in general, how I see going out into the world.
  • Looking at where Venus is helping to understand where the vocation has this clearer focus.
  1. MC in Gemini:
  • There is a profession that asks to experiment a lot, very changeable, very busy. They can be writers, journalists, speakers, researchers, publicists, and any social media work.
  • They see the world as unstable, changing, always diversifying. Develop a rather light and changing profession.
  • Looking at where Mercury is, which has to do with how I speak, how I write, and how I communicate, helps to understand where the vocation has this clearer.
  1. MC in Cancer:
  • It is a profession that has to do with caring for others. They can be nutritionists, doulas, midwives, caregivers, nurses, babysitters, cooks. It is not that they can only dedicate themselves to this, they are possible fan options.
  • They see the vulnerable, sensitive world, it is dangerous because there is something about going slowly and carefully because this is precisely their talent.
  • Look where the Moon is to understand more what sign is on that Moon and which house it is into the better channel it.
  1. MC in Leo:
  • In the profession, they will be able to be leaders, referents, bosses, directors, and everything that has to do with the playwright, actors, dancers, comedians. Coaching is also interesting, “I shine and I make it shine” as in the case of the Sun in the 10th house that is quite publicly recognized and shines in the profession, not always but in general, it is like that.
  • They come into the world selfishly, they compete a lot, others are very encouraged to show themselves and I am not going to be careful. As we grow and incorporate that function, we change that view of the world.
  • Looking where the Sun is helping to understand from what kind of profession someone with the MC in Leo could become.
  1. MC in Virgo:
  • People who are very detailed in what they do, meticulous and observant but also what has to do with health, service, helping others, can be doctors and scientists.
  • They see the analytical world, demanding and a little structured.
  • Looking where Mercury helps to understand where that person’s calling can be, a clearer focus.
  1. MC in Libra:
  • Libra is the sign of Venus, of aesthetics then everything that has to do with art and beauty in general, dance, painting, music, crafts, everything related to Venus. Professions for two or where they help others to relate.
  • They see the world as harmonious, sometimes indecisive, and quite artistic. The world is perceived from the beautiful and the pleasant.
  • Looking at where Venus is on the chart helps to understand where that artistic ability can be turned.
  1. MC in Scorpio:
  • Psychology and any topic that has to do with esotericism, with sexuality and therapeutic companions such as nurses, professionals who have to listen and help others. And also palliative care, people who accompany people in the last days of life in their transition to another energy. People who have a lot of energy in Scorpio have this naturalized. It is a talent that can be very good to deploy and develop.
  • They see the world as dark, threatening, and very deep and there is something that whenever he connects with the world he comes out transformed.
  • Looking where Pluto helps to understand where the calling has the clearest focus. Stephen Arroyo says that planets that have two rulers must look at the oldest. The ancient ruler of Scorpio was Mars and when Pluto was discovered, it added to the rulership by displacing it in conventional astrology.
  1. MC in Sagittarius:
  • Teachers, professors, guides, travel, philosophy, spirituality and are great for expanding others and giving them confidence. Anything to do with coaching can be good to deploy.
  • They see the optimistic, expansive and spiritual world because they are idealists.
  • Looking at where Jupiter helps to understand where the calling has the clearest focus.
  1. MC in Capricorn: 
  • The workaholic, everything that has to do with politics, law, architecture, and business development in general because Capri is the sign of structures so, anything that has to do with structuring society is displayed in this MC and helps for all of us to organize ourselves better.
  • They see the world as structured, demanding, limited.
  • Looking at where Saturn is because helps to understand where you have the vocational focus. It is good to relate it to the modality.
  1. MC in Aquarius:
  • Innovators, avant-garde, visionaries, inventors, anything that has to do with technology, astrology, and social causes. Everything is very movable.
  • They see the strange world, they are all unpredictable, no one can be trusted and they are quirky and the unexpected happens.
  • Looking at where Uranus helps to understand where the calling has the clearest focus. The ancient ruler of Aquarius is Saturn so you have to look there too.
  1. MC in Pisces:

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