Angel Message Of The Day : That Which Coincides

Guardian Angel of Focused Intention 


There are many distractions along the path before you.  


Look about you; acknowledge all that is a part of your life at this moment


Look about you; keep your sight upon that which you desire most.  


Each step along the path before you has the potential to be of value.  


There are no mistakes.  There are no coincidences, only that which coincides one with the other. 

Where is it that you are along your path? What do you see happening for you?  


With whom do you see you?  


Focus upon that which you desire.  Focus upon the joy of having, being, doing that which you desire.  


Express gratitude for all you are blessed with this moment.  Express joy in the giving of you to you and to others.  


Celebrate this moment for there is much to be thankful for.  


Focused intention on that which is for your highest and best good is one of many ways in healing


That which is before you, is the manifestation of all that has come before. 


This we say to you … if you wish things to change, change the things you focus upon; making way for all you desire to manifest along your path. 


All shall be made manifest more completely, more lovingly, with joy.  


Begin to look about you, seeing all that which flows one into the other.  

Be aware of where you are at this moment.  Be aware of where you want to be.  Be aware of where you focus your energy.  


Be aware of all about you, giving thanks for all that has come before making way for all that is yet to be.

Amanda Cooper

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