Angel Message Of The Day : Unconditional Love



Begin again, dream larger, dream clearer. 


Breathe deeply beloved one for all things begin again with clarity, patience, healing, harmony, joy, peace


A slight breeze brushes your skin, gently clearing away all pain and sorrow. 

There is only unconditional love, there is only eternal light


Promises of man to man, in the moment of the making, are real, unconditional. 


Keep faith strong. Keep your heart open


Allow the storm to rage, purging all inside you. 

Allow Divine Light, the light of Angelic Choirs to illuminate your entire being. 


Shadow has no place to hide. All shall be revealed in the light. 


All shall be released in the light. All shall be given to you in the light. 

All is given you unconditionally; ask for it is given in the moment of the asking


The question remains, are you open to receive all you ask in the moment of the asking?  Limitation is a state of mind. Limitation is of your making. 


Limitation is allowing the perception of loss, fear, lack to block the light and love of the Divine Source

Unconditional love cannot be contained for it is eternal, always shining before you, 


illuminating the path before you.


Beloved one, open the gates within you now at this moment. 


Fear not, for you shall step upon stones of gold or be taught to fly.

Amanda Cooper

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