Angel Message Of The Day : True Measure in All Things

Archangel Metatron 


Balance in all things, in all ways. Balance is the key to health and happiness. To be balanced means you are at peace with yourself and your world. You feel good about who you are and where you are going in life. If you’re feeling out of balance, it could be that you’re not giving yourself enough time for the things that make you happy. Or it could be that your work-life balance is out of line, maybe you spend too much time working and not enough time with family and friends. Balance is important because it gives you perspective on what’s important in life and helps you learn to appreciate the good things you have your family, your friends, and your health even when you don’t feel like doing so at the moment.


The true measure is the balance between Spiritual pursuits and physical realm manifestations. Each world has its measure, and the two are not the same. In the physical realm, the measure of anything is its effect on the body. For example, if you eat too much food and get sick, then your stomach becomes bloated and overfilled. You must seek true measure in all things: in your relationships, in your finances, in your physical body, and your spiritual endeavors. The true measure is found in the balance between the visible and invisible worlds. It is found in the balance between your external life and your internal life. If you are not balancing your external life with your internal life, then you will never find true happiness or fulfillment.


The true measure is the balance between the Divine within and the realm of physical form. The true measure is balancing giving and receiving. If you give more than you receive, you will be blessed. If you receive more than you give, you will be blessed. When you are in a state of true measure, you can receive the blessings that are coming your way without feeling entitled or greedy. You have enough faith to believe that all good things come from the Divine One and all good things return to The Divine One. You know that whatever you need is already yours, so there is no need to fight, struggle, and try to get what you want. You simply trust that everything is working out exactly as it should be even when it doesn’t look or feel like it!

You must first give it to you. The most important thing in life is to love yourself. If you cannot love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you? You must treat yourself well and have respect for yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, other people will not respect you either. You need to be fair and honest with yourself. You need to respect your values, beliefs, and principles. You must believe in yourself because if you do not believe in yourself, then other people will not believe in you either. You should also be kind and generous with others because if they know that they can depend on you, then they will trust and respect you too.


As your Inner-Spirit infills your entire being, your cup overflows, having more than enough of all things to give to another. And as you give of yourself, you receive in return. When you have been filled with love, you naturally give love to others. When you have been filled with joy, you naturally want to share that joy with others. When you have been filled with peace, there is a natural yearning to share that peace with everyone around you. There are no rules that say you have to do anything in life. You can always walk away from a situation if it doesn’t feel right for you.


In seeking a better way, balance must be sought between moving forward and leaving that which has come before behind you. There are times when we must look back to build upon what we have learned. It is also important to understand that there are no easy answers. There is no single right answer when it comes to designing your life. It may seem like there is, but that’s just another illusion created by our minds as they try to make sense of this crazy world around us. Focus on what is important and ignore everything else. Be willing to learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them either


In releasing that which no longer serves you, there is balance creating a vacuum or void. The void newly created, in turn, creates space to manifest in physical form all your desires. In releasing that which no longer serves you, there is balance creating a vacuum or void. The void newly created, in turn, creates space to manifest in physical form all your desires.  It is important to remember that the word desire has nothing to do with wanting something; it has everything to do with creating an intention for something to happen and then allowing it to happen. Desires don’t always manifest immediately, but when they do manifest it’s because you’ve created a space for them to do so.

In giving, there is a balance in receiving. The key to joy, peace, and happiness is to be in balance. You may tend to swing from one extreme to another from giving too much to withholding your love and affection; from being too hard on yourself, to being too easy; from being too critical and judgmental toward others, to being too tolerant. The universe is always in perfect balance. It’s an amazing thing to understand that when you give to others, you will receive. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a promise that you’ll be rich tomorrow. It’s an understanding that if you give to others, the universe will balance out the flow of energy and return it to you. If you have a friend who needs help moving, offer your services without expecting anything in return.


In receiving, there is a balance in giving. You learn to be happy with what you already have. You no longer feel like something is missing in your life because you realize that everything that’s missing is not missing at all; it’s already inside of you. Receiving is about being grateful for what you have and appreciating what others have given to you. It’s about seeing yourself as a receiver rather than a giver, someone who doesn’t need anything more because they’re already fulfilled by their inner wealth and happiness.

One cannot truly give without being open to receiving. This is why we must be careful to not give without being open to receiving. When you give without an open heart, it is a self-serving act. You are doing it because you want something in return. One cannot truly give without being open to receiving. When you give from the heart, you are giving because you want to help another person, not because you want something in return. This is true giving and a wonderful feeling. When you give from this place of love, you’re not just helping someone else, you’re also helping yourself. You’re expanding your capacity for compassion, empathy, and patience. And when you have those qualities within yourself regularly, they will come out naturally in your relationships with others.


One cannot truly receive without being open to giving. The true measure is not just how much you give but also how much you receive. How much you receive depends on your willingness to be open to receiving and allowing others to give. It is easy to give when you feel like you have a lot. It is difficult to share when you feel like you have nothing left. However, the more you can give without feeling depleted the more open you become to what is being offered to you. 


How shall you choose to create balance in all ways, in all things this day? You can find the right take in everything you do, every day. You find it in the choices you make and the actions that result from those choices. You can use your mindfulness to help you choose to live your life as a balanced whole being, a being that seeks balance in all things. It shall help you recognize what is important and what is not so important in your life so that you can make choices about where to place your energy. In other words, it helps you choose wisely what actions to take during this time on earth.

Amanda Cooper

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