Angel Message Of The Day : Strength To Move Forward

Archangel Gabriel 


Speak your truth with integrity. You have to stand for what is right and just. Speak your truth with loving kindness. You have to remember that every word that will be leaving your mouth matters. You have to always be careful of what you say. You have to keep your words as kind as you can. The words carry so much weight when they are said. Hence, you should continue to be meek and be wary of the words that you use when you talk.


Speak your truth to thySelf this day. You have to, first and foremost, always be true to yourself. That means you have to acknowledge the things you are scared to say. That means acknowledging what you are truly feeling and thinking. Have you reflected on what truly is your truth? Have you acknowledged it? That is the most important part. Remember that you have to listen to what you are feeling. Listen to your truth so that when you speak, others will listen to you too.

What do you fear about speaking aloud? When there are thoughts that you try to avoid, you are trying to suppress your thoughts and emotions. You have to remember that your truth is important, and you have to stand by it. Do not be afraid to speak out. You have the right to say what is necessary to say. When you are talking about the emotions and thoughts that you are having, you have to give importance to these things, too. 


Do you fear others will forsake you? Do you fear others will judge you? When you are truthful to your words, there are people who may disagree with this. People have a lot to say about everything in the world. However, you have to speak your truth when it is necessary. Do not be afraid that people may judge you. As long as you are in a position where you are not stepping on anyone’s toes, and you are only doing right by yourself, then do not be afraid. Carry on, and continue to speak your truth. 


Do you fear the fear itself? There are many changes before you; step into the light, and walk the path one step at a time. The journey before you is not a race to the end. You have to remember that there is more to your journey than how you initially see it. Do not be afraid, and carry on walking towards the path of your goals and aspirations. You have so much to achieve in the world, and this is just the beginning.

The journey before you is filled with grace, love, prosperity, manifestation, joy, happiness, peace, and harmony if you would allow all to unfold before you. You have to trust the process that it will all be alright in time. You have to trust that it will unfold one by one. Continue on with this journey, where you radiate hope and love all throughout. You can never go wrong with spreading positivity and light. You are stronger than you think.


Strength manifests in many forms, remaining quiet, speaking your truth, stepping beyond that which is known into the realm of the unknown, reaching out to like-minded souls of light, knowing when it is time to release all that has come before opening your Self to all that is. Remember that your strength is shown in these different ways and many more. There is strength in putting the trust that this is just one of the processes you will be going through. Try to put your mind at ease so that you will continue to carry on. 


Strength is acknowledging where you are, knowing there is something better, richer, kinder, and more loving in the next moment and the next and the next. Strength is not always power, just like what you can see on television. Showing strength also means you are accepting what is meant for you. Strength is trusting that there are many things you should be looking forward to. Keeping your head high even when there seems to be nothing left. You have to keep strong and continue on with this journey. Believe, trust, and have faith all is unfolding before you.

Amanda Cooper

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