Angel Message Of The Day : Speaking One’s Truth

Archangel Gabriel 


This is the day the Lord hath made. Go in peace, love, harmony, and joy. Please remember that every day is given to us by the Divine Source, and we have the ultimate choice of seeking peace, love, and harmony instead of negativity. When there is peace, there will be clarity in all you will be doing. Furthermore, the feeling of restlessness and fear of the unknown will no longer exist. There is only an acceptance of what the future holds. When there is love, there is appreciation, compassion, kindness, and so much goodness for each and every one. Furthermore, the feeling of hatred, disappointment, or hurt, will all be washed away by love. There is only a feeling of understanding that is caused by love. When there is joy, there is bliss in whatever you must do. You will feel complete and fulfilled.


That which is before you is a truth for you for as long as a breath shall be sustained. That which is before you has already begun to pass. You know yourself better than everyone else, and you should hold on to your truth. At the same time, you should seek refuge in knowing that all of what you have experienced has already passed. All that has come before this moment delivered you to that place in which you find yourself. Breathe deeply beloved child of the Divine Source. You must trust that all of what you are going through at this very moment is part of the bigger picture. You are where you are meant to be at this moment. 

Breathe deeply; breathe in the light and love of the Divine Source. Fill your lungs with the power and glory of all that is. Exhale slowly; exhale completely returning to the light that attempts to misdirect you away from Divine Source and your own Divinity. Speaking one’s truth is essential as you journey the path before you. In moments of weakness, you may be hindered by negative aspects that are part of the physical realm. Do not let it progress further. Instead, you should choose to breathe in the light and love that radiates within you. There is always a choice between prioritizing what should matter and what you should be avoiding. Opt to choose a path that will let you grow and be nurtured.


Speaking truth with love, illuminating darkness with Creator’s light elevates your vibration and all around you. With love, it will lift up your spirits and will let you bask in the love and light of the Divine Source. Speaking the truth in the physical realm is cause for celebration regardless of outward appearance. Even in any situation that you may experience, you have to choose in speaking your truth with compassion and kindness for everyone around you. Speaking truth empowers, shedding light on that which is being portrayed as truth. Know that I am with you always. You are never alone in your journeys ahead of you. You have a lot to experience and to learn, and it is the beauty of life you are in. 

Beloved Child of Light is a messenger casting away shadow, casting away doubt and fear. As you journey the path before you, know you are never alone. You should no longer let yourself be swayed by doubts. Trust that all will be well in your journey ahead, no matter what you may encounter. You should no longer let yourself be swayed by fear. You have to embrace what comes next with open arms. Please remind yourself to be courageous at all times as you are not alone in your journey. Have faith. Please remind yourself to trust the process that you are going through while you are on your journey. 


In speaking truth, light is shed where darkness attempts to prevail.  

All is in Divine Order. Know this to be true for there is only Light, there is only Love.  Raise your Spirit to the Source of All There Is, and know you are loved. You are loved beyond measure. Please remember to speak your truth even in the direst situations. Remember to choose Love and Light whenever you can. Faith, harmony, and joy shall sustain you.

Amanda Cooper

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