Angel Message Of The Day : Light Of The Creator



The Light of Divine Source surrounds you. You have to remember that the light has always surrounded you. Even if it seems like you have not noticed it, the light has always been with you. The light has been with you from the start, and you are surrounded by it all the time. Even on your darkest days, everything may seem dim at that time. However, you can assure that there is a spark of light within and all over you. Please do not forget that the light has always been around you. You just have to look around. Seek the light when you are in the darkest days so that you will find the answer and clarity you have been looking for. 


The Light of Divine Source shines before you. You have always been blessed by so many things in so many ways. When you are at your lowest point, there is still something to look forward to. There is always something to be grateful for, even if it feels like you have nothing. That is because the light surrounds you now and forever. Regardless of the circumstances you have been put into. There is never a time that the light has abandoned you. You always just had to look for it within your soul. Before you, the light has always been there. You just have to reflect and acknowledge that it is within you.


The Light of Divine Source radiates from within you. You are a bearer of the light. You radiate it wherever you go. Continue to spread the light and love that comes from within your heart and soul. There is always greatness inside of you that is waiting to be discovered. Carry on with your journey of life with the goodness in your heart. Let the light and love radiate within you. You deserve all the love in the world, and it will be given to you. As long as you put yourself out there and you really carry on your journey with light, you will find the right way.


The Light of Divine Source enfolds you in all ways. To be surrounded by the light means letting go of the darkness inside. You are making space for all the positivity you can muster and letting go of the negativity that may surround you from time to time. You have to focus on what really matters, and those are the great thoughts that help you become a better ‘you.‘ Let the light engulf you fully so that your thoughts are full of goodness, and it will warm your heart. In the end, once your heart and soul are full of light, there will be nothing else to focus on but all the great things that are meant for you.


You are a beloved child of light. You have always been meant for the greater things in life, and you deserve all of the good things in this world. Remember that you will continue to prosper if you focus on the life that you truly desire. You can do all of the things that you are meant to as long as you carry the light and love within your soul. 


You are whole, complete, and perfect now at this moment. You have always been whole, even in your darkest days. Even if you may feel like things are not going in your way sometimes and people have broken you. Rest assured that you are whole as you are. You are whole on your own. You are already complete and perfect as you have always been. Do not let 


You are a light of this world. You have always spread out light and love to others. As long as you put yourself to seek out what you desire and you follow the guiding light within you, you can never go wrong. Carry on your journey so that you will continue to flourish and be the best version of yourself. You shall continue to grow as the person you are meant to be, a light for you and for everyone else. Let there be light in your heart and your soul. Nourish it so that you can walk through whatever you desire with the radiance of light within you.

Amanda Cooper

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