Angel Message Of The Day : In The Silence

Archangel Ariel 


Light a candle of blue, focus upon the flame beloved one. When you are in the moment, take a breather and focus on the light you are holding on to. How do you feel while you are in this very moment of serenity? When everything seems to overwhelm you, you need to divert your attention to what matters so you can focus. You have to remember to give importance to your goals and aspirations and avoid distractions that may hinder you. 


As you gaze upon the flame, feel your body relax. Once you are in the zone, you will find peace of mind for that very moment. With this serenity, you have to acknowledge and reflect so that you will know your next steps ahead. The clarity that this peace will provide is beyond, and will surely help you choose the path that you believe is right for you. That is the time that you will find the answers you have been asking yourself. Concentrate on the things that matter to you, and let go of the things that you should no longer care for. Know that you always have to choose your battles, and not everything is worth fighting for.

All your cares and all your worries simply fade away in the light. When you are holding on to lots of fears and negative thoughts, know that they will dissipate, too. Your light, hope, and love in your heart, are stronger than all of these bad energies that may lurk in your heart or mind for a while. Know that you are stronger than you think and believe.  


Your shoulders feel lighter, your heart freer, and your thoughts quiet. When you reach the serenity you are seeking, the clarity comes after and you will never feel more free and more light than after this feeling. When your thoughts become silent, you will be able to reflect on the incidents that have troubled you. When your heart feels freer, the freedom will surely make you feel lighter and you will be able to feel like you can conquer the world and it is in your hands.

Do you seek guidance on this day? What are you looking for in silence? Seek out the guiding light that will lead you to the correct path. It may be unclear and foggy at first when you try to recall everything that has happened and all that troubles you. However, rest assured that the time when certainty would be absolute will appear, as well. You just have to trust the process. You will be guided by the light, full of hope and love, as always. 


Ask and it shall be delivered to you. Know that every time you have a question you want to know the answer to, you just have to seek out and ask, and you should have the clarity you are looking for. Trust all is answered in Divine Time. There is time for everything, and all will be alright soon. You just have to believe that the answer to these questions will be in your hands soon enough. You have to trust the process, and whatever you manifest shall come true, even better, for you. Believe the guidance you seek is given to you. 

As you quiet your mind, your thoughts become still, soothing your emotions. Simply allow the answers you seek to be gifted to you. When you are at peace, you will be able to reach the inner depths of your soul, hence, you will gain the wisdom to truly choose and decide what you should do next. 


In the silence all is heard. In the silence all is revealed. When you get to reflect and get to breathe for a while, it all gets easier. Through peace of mind and clarity of the mind and heart, you will know the answers to all of what you are seeking. Hold on to the trust that you will get all of the signs you have been aiming for, and trust that you will ultimately get more than what you asked for. Anticipate that whatever you have asked and whatever you put out on the universe will come back to you. 

Amanda Cooper

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