Angel Message Of The Day : Heaven On Earth



Your thoughts are your life.  


Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.  


That which you think about becomes your reality.  


Your reality is a reflection of your thoughts.  


Your thoughts create emotions.  

Your thoughts and emotions create actions. 


Thoughts, emotions, actions are a reflection of all that has brought you to this moment.  Choose different thoughts.  


Thoughts create the world about you.  


Fill your thoughts with grace, grace shall abide within. 


Fill your mind and heart with love and light, love and light shall abide within.


You need not change everything in one moment as this shall not be everlasting.  


Choose first one thought and then another, and another. 


Express gratitude for the many blessings about you at this moment.  

Gratitude creates within you a sense of harmony.  


Harmony creates a sense of peacefulness.  


How shall you create Heaven on Earth this day?

Amanda Cooper

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