Angel Message Of The Day : Courage

Archangel Chamuel, 


You are a light in the world. You have been given the gift of courage, and you must use it to honor yourself, to protect others, and to speak truth when it matters. There are many who support you. There are many who protect you from shadow and darkness. Seek courage from within; the gift of courage knows no limitation. Gift you with courage to speak, courage to honor boundaries, courage to step into the light. You are not alone in your struggle. 

You are not the only one who has ever felt like no one could see you, feel you, or hear what was inside of you. You are not the only one who has ever felt alone and misunderstood. We want to help you understand that there is a world out there that wants to see your true beauty and hear your true voice. We want to help you believe in yourself so that when people start asking questions about what it’s like to be transgender, or when someone asks why someone made their transition, or why they went through something so difficult, you will have answers ready at hand instead of having to think long and hard about how best to explain it all.


We know that there are times when you feel like you don’t have enough courage to speak up for yourself or others. You may feel like you’re not brave enough to stand up for what’s right, or that you can’t make changes in your life until others change first. But we want to remind you: you are brave! You are strong and brave, and we want to help you be even stronger and braver in the future. We want to give you gifts that will help you honor your boundaries and step into the light when it’s time for you to do so.

We do not ask you to bridge a wide gap or cross a bridge all in one moment. Begin with one step and then another and another. Let us say that you have been trying to get your family members together for a long time, but they are not interested. They don’t seem interested because there is no peace yet between them. So, you try to go in there with a smile on your face and an open heart, but it doesn’t work. You want to help them become closer, but they don’t want that either. You did everything right in your opinion, but nothing changed at all because of their attitudes toward each other. So what can we do? The answer lies within you. You have the power to change this situation by simply changing yourself first. You must change your attitude toward them and toward yourself until you can understand how important it is to forgive each other no matter what has happened in the past between them. If they cannot forgive each other then why should they be able to forgive others? They should take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming others for everything that has gone wrong within their relationship over time.


We are always moving forward in life, but it’s important to remember where we came from. With each step we take, we leave our past behind us. But our past shapes who we are today, and we should never forget that. It’s important to remember our past because it shapes who we are today. Our experiences, both good and bad, have helped to make us the people we are. They’ve helped to shape our values, our beliefs, and our view of the world. Without our past, we would be completely different people. Look behind you; with each step forward you are no longer where you once were. Look behind you once again, now you are on the other side. 

All which sought to distract you from your path is now behind you. Courage beloved child, there are no shadows in the light. How shall you gift yourself with courage this day? You have faced many challenges in your life, but you have always come out stronger. You are a brave and courageous person, and you can handle whatever comes your way. Today, why not give yourself a little extra courage? You could try something new, or stand up for yourself in a situation where you normally wouldn’t. Whatever you do, know that you are strong and capable, and you can handle whatever comes your way.

Amanda Cooper

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