Angel Message Of The Day : Renew Your Self



Begin again. Renew your Spirit. Renew your faith. Renew your commitment to you and to those you pledged yourself. You are not alone in this journey toward renewal, and it is time for you to renew your commitment to reaching your goals. You have been given the tools to achieve what you desire, but only if you choose to use them correctly. For example, if you have been trying to lose weight, the first step should be cutting back on sugary foods or drinks. The second step should be exercising more often than once every two days—and so on until all of the steps are completed.


You’ve been through hell, and you’ve come out the other side stronger. Your faith is stronger than it was yesterday, your commitment to yourself and those you pledged yourself to is stronger than it was yesterday, and your Spirit is stronger than it was yesterday.


This passage is an invitation: an invitation to begin again—to renew your faith in yourself, your commitments, and those around you. To begin again means to recommit yourself to the things that matter most to you. To recommit means to re-pledge yourself with renewed passion—to recommit yourself to the things that matter most to you so that they will never be forgotten again. To recommit means to recommit yourself with renewed passion for the things that matter most because these things have become so important in your life that they cannot be taken for granted any longer.


You need to reaffirm your devotion to both yourself and people around you. It’s time to sit back, consider the broader picture, and ensure that each choice you make is conscious and influenced by your principles. It’s time for you to start again, to establish new objectives, to concentrate on your advantages, and to make sure that they are in line with your most important priorities.


You are invited to join me on a journey of discovery. You know what is before you, what is behind you, and what is yet to be made manifest. What is to be released creating space for that which is to be? Look within; you know what resonates and that which does not. Look around, look outside of yourself; that which is close to you. On this day, I wish to focus on what is before you, the things that are behind you, and the things that may be made manifest in the future. I ask you to look within yourself; you know what resonates and that which does not resonate with your heart and soul. Look around you—you will see what is closest to you; these are things that need your attention. Reflect upon your desires; they too have great power because they can be realized or unmade at any time by those who hold them.


Today is a day to reflect on oneself. to observe what has already come to pass and what is still to come What has been let go and what is still there. To pause and consider the world around you—all of the things that resonate with you, all of the things that don’t—after asking yourself, “What does my life mean?”


We are constantly inspired by our surroundings because the world is so full of beauty and potential. But we must also keep in mind that there are various perspectives on the world. To see the world from our particular perspective, we must have the courage to leave our heads behind. So today… take a step back. Look at your life through new eyes, and see what your perspective creates for you.


The time has come for you to step out of your own way, clearing the path for all to be made manifest in physical form. There is much to celebrate, much to be thankful for, there is much to appreciate. How shall you choose to step upon the path before you this day? I call upon you to take a moment and remember that all of creation is made up of energy. We are energy, we are light and love. We are not separate from each other or from God; we are a part of the divine whole. It is time to stop focusing on what separates us—time to let go of our fears and limitations and accept ourselves as we truly are.

Amanda Cooper

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