Angel Message Of The Day : Clearing The Path Before You

Guardian Angels of the Path Before You 


This day as in all days, seek balance.  Seek to balance emotion, thought, action.  


Seek to balance the outer Self with the inner Self.  


Yes, we hear you saying there is not enough time, there is not enough money, there is no one to share my life, there are no jobs, there are few opportunities. 

Choose to think, feel and speak differently.  Choose to stop telling the story of lack and imitation. 


Begin this day with new thoughts, new emotions, new actions.  


Begin the telling of a new story… There is enough time for everything.  There is enough prosperity, abundance for all you desire. There is someone to share your life, there are many to lovingly share my life. There are countless opportunities. 


Be not afraid of what has come before. Be not afraid of what is.  Be not afraid of what is yet to come.  


The path before you is safe; you are protected from all lower, negative energies.  


Surround you wings of golden light.  Breathe in the light, exhale all that would hold you where you have already been.  

In the light there is only abundance and prosperity beyond measure.  


In the light there is enough for all to share.  In the light there is an abundance of all things, in all places.  Do you give of yourself without thought of that which you will receive in return?  Do you give from the heart?  In the giving, are you truly open to all that is already yours?  


In the giving, are you open to receiving that which is given to you in kind? 


Begin this moment, open your heart, your ears, your mind to all that awaits you.  


For in truth, the path before you is paved with golden light and butterflies.

Amanda Cooper

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