Angel Message Of The Day : Gratitude

Archangel Chamuel


Begin each day in gratitude for that which faces you in Divine Order. When you start your day with appreciation for the world around you, you will feel more connected with the Divine Source. All of the blessings that you will be given show how important you are to the world and those around you. Show appreciation for all of the things you have been given freely, as you are loved and blessed beyond measure. You should always look at the brighter side of life where you can show gratitude and appreciation for all of the things that you acquire.


Begin giving thanks to Divine Source for all blessings great and small. No matter how small or big the blessings are, you should see them all as gifts that have been given to you. You should no longer look at their size, importance, or any of their superficial quality. Instead, you should appreciate each and everything that has been given to you. Appreciate and show gratitude in all ways. Please do not forget to show appreciation to the Divine Source. It is vital that you will not overlook all the blessings that were given to you, regardless of how mundane they may seem.

Blessings given or received manifest as gifts of time, love, support, compassion, acceptance, abundance, and enlightenment. The gift of time is certainly one of the most important. With much time in your hands, you are able to explore the world around you and achieve so much. In turn, giving time to others will show your appreciation toward them. The gift of love gives you the ultimate power of warmth and kindness to others around you. This gift is of utmost importance as it will radiate joy and bliss toward yourself and others. At the same time, the gift of support gives you the power to empathize with people and give help, and others to you. The gift of compassion will grant understanding and unconditional love. On the other hand, the gift of acceptance will let you embrace all that is to come. The gift of abundance will let you enjoy prosperity and give you hope. Meanwhile, the gift of enlightenment will let you have the peace and clarity you have been seeking.


A gift given to the Self is a gift given to all in the physical realm. Peace and harmony, compassion and acceptance, love and forgiveness, prosperity and abundance. Receiving the blessings that have been given to you and accepting them with open arms will not only result in you being blessed, but you also have the chance to spread and radiate all that is love and light to others and so much more. These gifts were given to you so that you can also touch the hearts of other people. Choose to focus on your own peace and harmony. At the same time, live life with compassion and acceptance of yourself and others. It is with utmost importance that you should love and forgive yourself and other people, even if all of us may have our shortcomings.

Begin each day in gratitude, all is in Divine Order. Accept you, accept others. You are a beloved child of the Divine Source. Continue to be appreciative of all the blessings you have been receiving, and embrace all blessings that will come to you. Please remember that you should accept yourself and others with an open heart and mind. Release all of the negativity that may cloud your mind from time to time. Instead, give space to gratitude for the blessings that you receive. Give the space for the love and light to radiate through you. 


Wash your Spirit with unconditional love. Wash your spirit in the Light of the Flame of the Divine Source. Radiate the love and light that is ultimately within you. Do not let these falter, instead, continue to nourish them. Do not let the negativity of the physical real hinder your growth as a person. All of these are just distractions that you should not focus on. Instead, there are greater things that you should be looking into. Choose the path where you can appreciate all that is given to you. Choose the path where you can focus on spreading love and light to yourself and to others. Begin each day in gratitude.

Amanda Cooper

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