Angel Message Of The Day : Open Mind, Open Heart



In the name of the Creator, give thanks for there is much to be thankful for. You are ultimately given a lot, and everything that we have, we should be thankful for. All of the things given to us, the good and the bad, have ultimately affected us to be who we are right now. In the end, you have to be grateful for whatever you have been through.


In the name of the Creator, humble yourself to receive all that is made manifest in the Realm of Spirit in your name. We have to remember to be thankful for all of the good things that we have received and we shall receive. Open your heart and accept all of the good things that will come your way soon. 


Doubt not all that awaits you. Doubt not all your good shall be made manifest in physical form before you. Have faith all is arriving in Divine Time. There is a perfect time for everything, and whatever we may need, will come in the right time and place. We have to be patient, and our needs shall be fulfilled at the earliest. Whatever your heart desires will be soon yours. Listen to yourself and fully assess your journey.


It may appear thy good is being kept from you. We ask you to look around, can you not see the many blessings which surround you this moment? Look around you, take in all the good things that you have right now and see how blessed you are. You have to remember not only to focus on the good things that you desire to come right now, you have to focus on what good things surround you now, as well. There are lots of things to be thankful for, and we should always open our hearts and be grateful as we should be. 


Are you open to receiving your heart’s desires? You have to be in tune with yourself to know what your heart truly desires. Reflect and focus on the things that matter. Do you seek peace and harmony, healing and forgiveness, joy and laughter? All of these things are important and we should focus on them. That which you seek with an open heart, open mind shall be gifted to you.  


Know you are loved, cherished, and blessed beyond measure. You always have to remember that the light and love is always within yourself. You will always be surrounded by blessings and love, these are the things we should always be grateful for. Focus on the good things that you have right now, bring in the light and positivity you are longing for.


Look behind you, have you not journeyed along the path before you learned, loving, forgiving, healing yourself beyond your imagination? You have come so far, and you shall have the strength to deal with whatever is occupying your mind and soul. You have to remember your journey of loving yourself, what are the things you have learned during this time? What are the things you should be thankful for? You are blessed, you have always been.


How can you doubt? Trust, have faith that all is occurring in Divine Time. All will be alright in time. You have to know that the acceptance within yourself, from whatever you are going through, will come to you. Besides, you should know how to give thanks for there is much to be thankful for. 


Accept all that is shown to you, for there are untold gifts with each step along the path. With an open heart, an open mind lovingly set one foot before the other, the path before you is more beautiful, more loving, more harmonious, more abundant than you imagine for you are a most precious gift of love and light. You deserve nothing but the best, all of the good things to offer, and it will come to you in due time. You have to trust the process and learn to be patient. It will come to you, too.


Remember that you are never alone in your journey. Lovingly open your arms, your heart and soul, and whatever is right for you will come. Go forth beloved one, for you are loved beyond measure. 

Amanda Cooper

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