Angel Message Of The Day : Gift Of Choice



This is the day the Creator hath made. There are many choices before you.  You have the power to make your own choices and determine your destiny. Some of those choices may seem small and insignificant, but they add up to a life of purpose and fulfillment. Live in the moment. You have spent your life trying to find your place in this world, and as things change around you, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters. But there is a way back to that place where all things were good. Breathe deeply. Be grateful for all that you have, not just for what you can do or have right now. Be still and listen to the voice within your soul. It’s there waiting to guide you on your path toward happiness and fulfillment in this life!


There are many choices behind you and each choice is a step along the path before you.  You have already made thousands of choices and so have many others that have come before you. You have made some good choices, but there have also been some bad ones. It is important to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. There are many choices behind you and each choice is a step along the path before you. The future is not set in stone but rather it is fluid and open to interpretation. Don’t let past mistakes define who you are today; let them be lessons learned. Learn from your mistakes and make better choices in the future.

There is always a choice; the choice to choose how you shall focus your thoughts, focus your energy, choosing compassion or judgment.  The concept of choice is so important because it is through our choices that we create our reality. The choices we make today determine the quality of our lives tomorrow. The power of the mind is truly amazing. If you can learn to control it and use it wisely you can achieve anything. You have seen that attitude makes an enormous difference in our lives and the lives of others. Choosing compassion does not mean that you do not acknowledge the pain and suffering of another person. It means that you choose to see the whole picture, with all its beauty and ugliness, with all its light and darkness.


In the choosing, all is made whole. It’s not easy to choose this path, but it’s worth it in the end. Choosing all is made whole. If you choose all, you choose everything. You can’t choose half of something. If you want all of something, you have to take the good and bad and everything in between as well. If you can look back and say that you did what you thought was right, then you have no reason to regret it. Regret is a useless emotion. It only serves to make you feel worse about yourself or your situation than you already do and does nothing but hold you back from moving forward.


In the choosing, all is healed.  All healed is a statement of intention, a declaration of truth and reality. You say it over and over again until you realize that it’s true. The more you say this affirmation, the more you come to believe it’s the truth, and so your mind will eventually align with your beliefs and perceptions. And once your mind is aligned with your beliefs and perceptions, then they become what is real for you. You will have many opportunities to practice this technique. Think about what you have been choosing lately, and then ask yourself. The universe responds to your actions by sending you opportunities that help you achieve your goal.

In the choosing, all is revealed.  It’s not about the choice itself, but about what it reveals about you. Are you someone who makes a choice and sticks with it? Or are you someone who can’t make a choice? It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life. It’s the moment when you choose your path, the direction you will take, and the person you will become. It’s a time to choose: a time to learn about the world, about yourself and others, about what it means to be human. It’s a time of wonder and enchantment when anything is possible.


Seek first the Light of the Divine Source within, allowing light to radiate outward from within you.  Light is the only true power in the Universe. It is both a source and a manifestation of love, wisdom, and truth. As you turn inward, you will feel an ever-expanding sense of peace, joy, and love. The Divine is present in each one of us. It is our spiritual essence, our soul or higher self, the part of us that connects us to the Divine Source. You are a divine being having a human experience. You have come here to learn lessons that will help you grow into your full potential as a spiritual being. Your thoughts create your reality. Focus on what is good and positive in your life rather than what is wrong with it or with others.


Be willing to see your own Divine Spark, sharing the gift with yourself and all who shall cross your path this day and the next. Your Divine Spark is the part of you that knows what you are here to do, who you are, and why. It is the part of you that connects with the Source, the Creator. Your Divine Spark is an expression of your soul’s purpose in this life.  You were created for joy, peace, and love. It is only by seeing this in yourself that you can share it with others. Forgive yourself for mistakes, wrongdoings, or bad decisions. Forgive those who have hurt you in any way. Give up the need for revenge and retribution and feel the freedom that comes from forgiving yourself, others, and the past.

Choose wisely, for in choosing you choose also for you. The choice you make today is the difference between success and failure. If you’re not careful about your choices, you’ll end up with a lot of regrets. When you choose something good and beneficial for yourself, it also brings good things into your life. When you choose something bad and harmful, it also brings bad things into your life. You’ll live with the consequences of unwise decisions for a long time to come.


Become a beacon of light and love shining forth through perceived shadow and darkness illuminating the path before you. The path is not an easy one. You will encounter many challenges along the way, some of which may seem insurmountable. It is at these times when your faith needs to be strong so that you may continue forward with hope and determination knowing that all things are possible with God. You are not alone, even when it feels like you are. The universe is abundant, overflowing with resources for you to use in your time of need. And as you share your light with others in their time of need, so too does your light grow brighter and brighter.


All is well beloved child, you are loved beyond measure. The Universe is abundant in love for you. The Universe will give you all that your heart desires if only you ask for it with a grateful heart. Your life is yours to live as you see fit. You are free to choose your destiny and create your happiness.

Amanda Cooper

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