Angel Message Of The Day :Fear Not

Archangel Michael 


Fear not beloved child for all is well with you this day. Fear not the trials that come to you in this life. Fear not the darkness and the pain that may surround you at times. Know that there is light beyond it, a place of safety and peace. Fear not the unknown, but rather embrace it and allow my love to fill your heart so that you may be strengthened in this time of testing. Fear not rejection, nor failure in anything that you do because if it is meant to be then it will happen no matter what anyone may say or do. Fear only those things that come from within yourself; fear only your thoughts, words, and deeds that are harmful to others as well as yourself because these are the things that hold us back from our true potentiality as Divine beings who exist in Oneness with one another as well as all creation here on Earth.


Fear not that which is before you. Fear not the mistakes of the past. Fear not what you don’t know. Fear not where you are going. Fear not what’s on your mind. Fear not what others think about you. Fear not what’s in your heart. Fear not failure, fear only success which does not satisfy your hunger for achievement and growth. If you are in a dark place, do not be afraid to light a lamp. If you have a task before you, do not be afraid to set about it. Do not be afraid of what others may think or say about your work. There is no shame in honest labor; there is only shame in dishonest idleness. If you have an idea, do not let it die from neglect; act upon it at once while it is fresh and new in your mind.


Fear not that which appears to distract you from your life’s purpose. It is easy to get caught up in the distractions of life and forget what it is you are meant to be doing. Don’t fear that which seems to distract you from your path. Fear only that which keeps you from living the life you were meant to live. The more you allow yourself to get distracted, the less time you have for moving forward on your paths. You can’t do everything at once, so you must choose wisely what to focus on at any given time. The more you allow yourself to get distracted, the less time you have for moving forward on your paths. You can’t do everything at once, so you must choose wisely what to focus on at any given time.


Fear not that which is unseen. Fear not the things in your life that you do not understand, but instead, take time to learn about them so that you can understand them better. Do not be afraid of what you do not know or understand because when we allow ourselves to be afraid of life itself, then we are living a life of fear and not a life of love, passion, and happiness. Do not fear rejection from others, for they are merely ignorant of the truth or do not want to admit that they have been wrong or made an error in judgment or belief system when confronted by someone who has more knowledge or information on an issue than they do. Allow yourself to learn about the unknown instead of fearing it because if you do not allow yourself to explore your fears, then there will be no hope for you at all in this world today.


Fear not that which is seen. Fear not what seems to be, for you will soon discover it is nothing. Fear not your heart’s desire, for it has already been granted to you by divine right of creation. Fear not love itself or any other emotion or thought that enters your world.  For they are all one and one is all that exists in this vast expanse of space and time you call reality. Fear none but yourself, for it is only within yourself that separation can exist and where fear dwells.  You are all-powerful beings with unlimited potentials yet to be realized by anyone in this entire universe or any other universe beyond imagination or comprehension; fear not this power because it belongs to you and only you can use it to create anything you desire in your life


Fear not the night of the Soul for you shall step once again into the light of the dawn. The darkness is the time when you are most alone and vulnerable. But fear not, for you are never truly alone. There is always someone there with you. The night of the Soul is a time when you feel that the Universe has left you, abandoned you, and forgotten about you. It’s a time when you feel that you can’t go on anymore or that life has no meaning anymore. But this is just an illusion. You didn’t get where you are in life without the Universe’s help and support along the way. And if the Universe helped you then surely it will help you again now when you need it most.


Believe; trust all is as it is to be now this moment. Fear is an illusion. It is not real, though it feels very real. Fear is one of the greatest illusions you have ever created in this reality. You have created a world where there is no love and everything is dangerous, but you are here to change all that. You are here to create a new reality, one where fear does not exist and all is love. You have chosen this life because you want to experience this freedom from fear for yourself. You have chosen this life because you want to experience this freedom from fear for yourself.


You shall emerge stronger, and more light-filled than you can imagine. You will emerge with a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. You will understand that this is all part of the process, and you will be able to see clearly. The key to overcoming fear is being able to recognize it when it comes up and then replace it with something else such as peace or love. The more you practice this technique the easier it will become with time. Fear not, for you have been given gifts that others do not have. You have been given the gift of strength, perseverance, and determination.


Step into the light for all is made whole in the Light of the Divine Source this day and the days before you. Fear not, for the Light of Divine Source surrounds you and all is made whole in the Light of Divine Source this day and the days before you. You are one with all that is, and all that is, is one with you. You are never alone and never will be again. There is no darkness in any corner of your being that can ever be hidden from your Inner Light. The power within you is so bright and so strong that it cannot be dimmed or diminished by any outside force or influence.


Go in peace. Let your mind and heart be free from the Fear you have experienced in life. You are the creator of your life, and you have the power to create the best thing that can happen to you. You have the power to change your life. As fear is only an illusion in your life, be in tranquility to remove this illusion from your head.

Amanda Cooper

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