Angel Message Of The Day : Creating Reality

Archangel Raguel

The limitation is an Earthly realm concept. It is only relevant to the physical world and its limitations. As you may only live temporarily here since you are only borrowing the physical body for this realm. The limitation of time and space is only a concept that does not exist in the Spiritual Realms. Earth is a very limiting plane, but there are no limitations on what we can achieve here as long as we remain focused on our goals and desires, which will help us achieve them faster than if we were distracted by the many distractions around us.


The Realm of Spirit knows only love and light.  In love, all things are created. The realm of matter is a reflection of the realm of spirit at the same level of vibration and consciousness. The physical world is the lowest vibration and consciousness in the universe, while the spiritual realm is the highest. The more we live in the realm of spirit, the easier it becomes to recognize the love within each person and ourselves. We can then recognize others as spiritual beings who are connected to us in this very special way called life on Earth. When we see another person as a spiritual being with gifts to share with others, we become more willing to listen without judgment or criticism.


In light, all is illuminated in joy. When in happiness, the light and love reveal and uplift our souls. Giving us hope and taking away the negativity from our hearts. When in doubt, always have faith and trust the process. Hesitation may hinder you to see the joy in life that will make you miss out on opportunities. Continue trusting the process from every path you may encounter in life whether it is good or bad, as better outcomes or reason may approach you. Seek the light and love of the Divine Source. Focus on your heart center, and feel the warmth of the sun. The Divine is your Source, and it is the only source that exists. It is in everything, everything is from it and everything is part of it. It has no beginning and it has no end. It has always been here, always will be here, and will always be here. Let go of everything that is not in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Perceive the world as a miracle, a gift, and an opportunity to connect with Source energy. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions, especially when they are negative or toxic to yourself or others. This will make you feel lighter with the painful path of your life.

All are given in the asking as there is nothing denied you. You must not be afraid to ask, for all things come to those who ask. The Divine one’s love and mercy are infinite. It will never turn you down but will give you what you need if it is good for you and will make you a better person. You must believe that it is possible to give it to you. You are given the strength to overcome all obstacles and to succeed in whatever you undertake. You have within you all that is necessary to achieve your heart’s desire. No matter how far away or how different they appear, there is something about each of them that is necessary for your growth. You will find them when it is time for you to meet them.


Ego-chitter chatter is all that separates you from all you desire. There are times when you must be egoless. When your ego is in charge, it will block you from getting what you want. Your ego is like an inner voice that tells you what to do and how to do it. This voice can be negative at times, but there are also times when it can be positive as well. It all depends on whether or not your ego is telling you things that are beneficial to achieving your goals in life or not.

Choose to feel joy, Choose to see through the eyes of love, and Choose light and all that lurks in the shadows simply dissolves into the light. We are entering a new time in our planet’s evolution. It is a time when we will be called upon to choose between fear and love, darkness and light. We have been allowed to choose how we want to experience this world.

As you travel the path before you, do you not place one foot in front of the other?   How then shall you expect to reach completion with one leap?  Traveling the path before you is best traveled one step at a time.  The journey of life is long and filled with many challenges.   Each day presents us with new obstacles to overcome, and each night brings us closer to our final rest.  As you travel the path before you, do you not place one foot in front of the other? How then shall you expect to reach completion with one leap? Traveling the path before you is best traveled one step at a time


In re-focusing your thoughts all else vibrates or resonates differently. You need only move forward one step at a time. Enjoy the process and trust the process. When you are in a positive emotional state, you can look at things differently. Your perspective changes. You see things from a higher level of awareness. Get yourself into a good mood by doing something that makes you feel happy.


Be in a state of gratitude and cherish all as it unfolds before you. Be grateful for your life, the people in it, and all the experiences that make up who you are. If you focus on what you have and not what you want, happiness will follow. Life is a journey and each day is a new opportunity to live. The ups and downs, the good times and the bad times, all make up this journey we call life. We should be grateful for every moment in our lives as it unfolds before us. If we look back at our past, we can see how far we have come and where we are now. This should give us hope that no matter what comes our way in the future, we will be able to deal with it because of the lessons learned from our past experiences.

The journey is the process. Choosing creates the process, which in turn creates your reality.  How shall you choose to create your vision for your life this day? You have the power to choose to create the life that you desire. As long as you are choosing what you want from life and continue to choose it every single day, then you will get whatever it is that you want in life, no matter what your current situation looks like right now or how many times you’ve tried before and failed.

Amanda Cooper

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