Angel Message Of The Day : Forgiveness



Forgiveness is releasing you from wounds caused by you or caused by another against you. Forgiveness releases you from harmful thoughts toward you and others. You surrender hatred and revenge to let go of the pain by yourself or others. This does not mean that you have to forget what you have done to yourself or what others have done to you. This means the process of letting go of resentment, bitterness, and anger while cultivating compassion, empathy, and understanding for all involved in a situation.


Holding resentful thoughts towards a situation or anyone who contributed to a situation harms only you.  When you harbor resentment, it eats away at your mental health and well-being. If you are holding any kind of resentment towards yourself, it is important to let it go as soon as possible. Holding resentful thoughts towards others is harmful because it increases negativity in your life, which makes it very difficult for people to move forward from past mistakes in their lives. Do not allow resentment to control your life, and rather use it as a tool for growth and self-improvement. The best way to deal with resentment is to acknowledge that you have been hurt by someone else’s actions or words, but then let go of your feelings toward that person rather than holding on to them. 


Call upon the Realm of Angels to assist and guide your thoughts and emotions away from what is already behind you to where you wish to be.  Angels help you heal your heart and mind, improve relationships, and bring more love into your lives. They can help us recover from past hurts, move forward into a bright future, and create the life we want. In this process of change, recognize that there is no need to judge or criticize yourself because of what has happened, but instead look at your past experiences as a gift, a blessing, and a source of wisdom that will lead you to greater fulfillment in life

Thoughts and emotions govern your very being in the Earthly realm.   When we think about our lives, we tend to focus on the things that happened to us, that made us feel good or bad, happy or sad. We also tend to focus on how those events affected us emotionally and physically. Your thoughts and emotions create an invisible energy field around you that is filled with positive or negative energies depending on what you’re thinking about at any given time. In essence, this is like putting on a pair of glasses: When you put them on, everything looks different than when you take them off again.


The why, how, or when of things is not always apparent. Know you are safe, protected, and always loved. It’s not always easy to understand what’s going on in the world around us. We may be living in a time of great change, but that doesn’t mean we have to live in fear or worry about what’s coming next. We all have our way of learning and growing. Some of us learn by what we see, others by what we feel, and others by what we experience. Allow yourself to enjoy this moment because tomorrow may bring something unexpected into your life that will change everything again.


 It serves you not to harbor resentment or ill will towards another for in the end it harms only you. Free your heart and mind from all that is not based in love or you will be in bondage to another’s lower vibration. If someone has hurt or wronged you, do not let them continue to affect your life negatively by dwelling on their actions and behaviors. Forgive them and let go of any bitterness or feelings of anger towards them. This can be hard but it is essential if you want to live a happy life free from negative energy and emotions. Forgiving to the people who gave you paint is a sign of letting go of the past. This will let you move forward on your path with no looking back from it.

There is only love. There is only light. Seeing through the eyes of love, and healing your heart serves your highest and best good. You have been so caught up in the pain of separation, that you have forgotten who you are, a divine being of love and light. Connect to your spirit with the light that shines from within each one of us. There is nothing that you need to do to make yourself better; you’re already perfect just as you are. You’re beautiful exactly as you are and it’s time for you to know that about yourself. You may have been taught that these things should come easily to you, but they don’t always come easily to anyone; especially when we are too busy judging ourselves instead of loving ourselves unconditionally.


Free you from the bonds of bitterness, despair, guilt, or anger. All are fear-based thoughts, not worthy of your attention. Your thoughts are neutral and will only become negative or positive when you give them attention.  You have to accept all this negative first as when you accept this, it means that you are healing. This opens your heart to emotional freedom. Which made you let go of that past and carry on your life forward. In short, this also means that you are making peace with what happened in the past so that you can move on with your future.


Give rise to your own Spirit; give you with forgiveness, freeing you from all that is not based on love and light. See that which calls your attention; tend to all things with loving kindness.  See the truth, move through pain and hurt as lovingly as possible, allowing the light of love to make the way clear before you. You are awakening now into a new way of being in your life.  You have come here to be an example of what it means to live life in love.  It is not just about saying you love someone but rather showing them every day through your actions and thoughts. As we move through this day, know that your Spirit is always present with you.

Amanda Cooper

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