Angel Message Of The Day : Are You Willing To See?

Paschar Angel of Vision 


Seeing beyond physical appearances is a challenge. As humans, we have lived and explored the world by using our senses. Our sense of sight is one of the most vital senses we use to know more about the world in our hands. We rely on it daily and we are dependent on it. But what if what you are seeking is beyond physical appearance? Are you ready to believe even if you will no longer rely on your sense of sight? This can be a challenge you are about to face. 


Are you willing to see past the surface illusion, the mask which conceals the Divine in you and others? We are so ready to believe what lies on the surface. Whatever you can see right now is just a shallow image of the world. You have to bear in mind that there is more to you and to others that you are yet to see. You just have to look within the soul, and clarity awaits. 


Being willing to see past physical limitations, is in part, being aware or acknowledging that which is before you and choosing to see, to acknowledge the Divine Spark within. Once you have accepted the fact that there is more than meets the eye, you will be more open to the possibilities that it holds. 


It matters not the outer layers when the mask is so closely held. You need to be wary of disguises that people and everything that surrounds you may have. On the same branch, you need to not judge quickly. Make sure to look past and look within.


Are you willing to see the Divine in another? With each person that surrounds you and you encounter every day, you have to open your eyes and accept that they are more than what you think of them. You have to not only focus on what is outside, but rather you also have to look deep within. 


Are you willing to see the Divine in you? Within you is a light that may flicker but never backs down. There is a good with each person, and there is good within you, as well. You just have to bare your soul, and you will find the Divine within yourself. Always remember to shower your soul with love and compassion. You deserve the kindness and patience you are giving to everyone else. 


Sight is more than seeing all that has been made manifest before you. When you look at yourself and everyone else, you have to look deeper than what you can physically see. You have to look at the depths of each one to understand them completely. On the same branch, you have to look within yourself so that you can better understand yourself.


Sight is seeing through the veil of deception, shadow, and darkness. There are a lot of things that surround you but not all of them are important and will bring light into your light. Some of these things are full of deceit and negativity which you should not associate yourself with. When you have the gift of sight, you will be able to look beyond and see each of the true colors. 


Sight is being willing to see that which is perfect, whole, and complete in you and all creatures great and small. You have to look past each and everyone’s initial image and focus on what is deep within. 


Seeing does not require accepting that which is not of love and light. Focusing on what matters is important every day. Choosing to see the light in each one’s heart is vital in maintaining positivity and love within your soul. Choose to accept only the best of auras that will lead you to a path of better and positive light


Seeing is a gift, a gift of choice. You will always have the choice to see what is good in people and your surroundings. Ultimately, you will have the absolute power of seeing what is best for your soul. There is nothing better than filling yourself with hope and love within each day. That is the path to acceptance and freedom where you get to nourish your heart and soul. How shall you choose to see this day?

Amanda Cooper

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