Angel Message Of The Day : What Do You See?



To see is a gift to be treasured. We have been given the sense of sight in order to be aware. 

What do you need to be aware of? You have to look around at the things that surround you, things that are hidden inside, and so much more. That is why we should be thankful for our gift of sight at all times. We have been given a chance to utilize this special gift that has been given to us. 


What do you see when you look around you? What do you see when you go within? Try to check out your surroundings and give yourself a chance to explore around. You have to take note of everything that is beside you so that you are aware of what is physically there. At the same time, there is much more to what you can see, and you will be able to sense this further. Make use of your gift so that you can look around and note what needs to be observed.


What do you see when you look at where you have been? When you take your journey to the next level, you will be able to see how far you have come when you look back. You are able to see how much you have grown in the last few months, years, and more. You are growing, and you never stop. Every step that you have taken is a path to goodness, you have grown better than what you have been before. Be proud of these achievements and make sure to no longer bring negativity in your heart from the past.


What do you see when you look at the path before you? What do you see? At the same time, you will also see the path that you are meant to follow. Give it time to take a deep breath and check what you want to happen. How do you visualize the future, and what do you see when you think about what comes next for you? You have to try and see what kind of future you want for yourself. 


Be still for a few moments. Look into yourself. Where do you wish to be? You have to truly seek out and check what you truly want for yourself. Try to self-reflect and give it a try to listen to what your heart truly desires. You have to let go of all of your inhibitions so that you can truly seek out what you want in your life and where you wish to be in the near future.


Do you desire to put that which has come before behind you, releasing all things, all people, and all situations which no longer serve you? When things are long past and they are done, you have to let go of them as they no longer have significance in your life. Release all of whatever is behind you so that you will no longer be tangled by the past. 


Do you desire to heal your heart, your mind, and your body? When you are seeking healing, know that it will come to you soon. You will be able to rejuvenate and heal so you can restart once again. Do not be afraid, as the healing that you are seeking should just be here soon.


Look within; be willing to see, for all is illuminated by the light of the moon. When you look up at the sky, the light of the moon signifies that there would no longer be hurt and contempt. Rather, life will be filled with healing and prosperity.


The moon casts no shadows. The moon lights the way before you. The moon brings closure to all things. Even if you feel like the darkest part of your life, the moon will show the way so that you will no longer feel lost. There is a light being illuminated, and you will never be alone. Know that there is nothing but goodness and healing better than what the moon provides.


The moon gives you a transition from that which appears to be cloaked in darkness, gifting you with the light of a starlit night sky. What do you see?

Amanda Cooper

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