Angel Message Of The Day: Rainbows of Blessings

Archangel Raziel 


Look to the heavens above, below, in front, and behind you To look in front of you is to be fully present in the here and now. It is to embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Look with intention and focus, setting your sights on your goals and aspirations. Visualize the path that unfolds before you, and take steps towards manifesting your dreams. Embrace the present moment, for it is where your power lies. To look behind you is to honor your past, acknowledging the lessons and experiences that have shaped you. Reflect on your journey, the challenges you have overcome, and the growth you have achieved. Look with gratitude for the people, places, and experiences that have contributed to your growth. Embrace the wisdom gained from your past, and let it guide you as you move forward.  


Look to the sky.  During the day, as you look to the sky, you witness the dance of the sun, casting its warm rays upon the Earth. Observe the clouds as they gracefully move across the sky, forming intricate patterns and shapes. Marvel at the vibrant hues of blue, the vastness of the atmosphere, and the sense of expansiveness it evokes. Allow the sky to remind you of the boundless possibilities that exist in your own life. At night, as you look at the sky, you are greeted by a celestial symphony of stars, planets, and galaxies. Gaze upon the twinkling lights that dot the darkness, and let them ignite a sense of curiosity and contemplation within you. Allow the vastness of the night sky to remind you of the limitless potential that resides within your being. Looking to the sky can also serve as a reminder of our interconnectedness with the universe. Recognize that the same sky that graces your view is shared by people across the globe. It is a reminder that we are all part of something greater, connected by the same celestial canvas that stretches above us.

Look to that which is within you.  In the depths of your inner world, you will find a wealth of wisdom and guidance. Trust your intuition, that inner voice that whispers truths and nudges you toward your highest path. Listen to the whispers of your heart, for it holds the keys to your deepest desires and passions. By connecting with your inner self, you tap into a wellspring of creativity, inspiration, and purpose. Looking within also involves nurturing a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself. Cultivate self-love and self-acceptance, recognizing that you are worthy and deserving of all that you desire. Embrace your strengths and acknowledge your areas for growth, knowing that both contribute to your unique journey. By looking within with kindness and compassion, you create a foundation of self-care and inner peace.


Look about you, for the blessings are many.  As you look about you, notice the beauty that exists in the natural world. Observe the vibrant colors of flowers, the gentle sway of trees, and the intricate details of nature’s creations. Marvel at the diversity of life that surrounds you, from the buzzing of insects to the graceful flight of birds. Recognize that you are a part of this interconnected web of life, and that alone is a blessing to be cherished. Look about you and appreciate the relationships that enrich your life. Whether it be family, friends, or even acquaintances, each connection offers an opportunity for growth, support, and love. Cherish the moments of laughter, shared experiences, and heartfelt conversations. Recognize the impact that others have on your journey and express gratitude for their presence in your life.


Reach inward, reach through the veil of all that has come before.  As you reach inward, you are invited to transcend the veil of all that has come before. Release the grip of past traumas, limiting beliefs, and outdated patterns of behavior. Let go of the stories that no longer serve you and embrace the power of the present moment. By transcending the limitations of the past, you create space for growth, transformation, and the emergence of your truest self. Reaching inward also involves connecting with the timeless essence that resides within you. It is to tap into the eternal wisdom and guidance that transcends the boundaries of time and space. By accessing this inner wellspring of wisdom, you can navigate life with clarity, purpose, and authenticity. Trust in your intuition, for it is the voice of your innermost self, guiding you towards your highest path.


Look about you for there are rainbows of light, rainbows of blessings, rainbows of creatures great and small among you. As you look about you, notice the rainbows of blessings that surround you. They come in various forms, both big and small, and often go unnoticed amidst the busyness of life. Take a moment to appreciate the simple joys that grace your path – a kind word from a stranger, a warm embrace from a loved one, or a moment of serenity in nature. Recognize that blessings are woven into the fabric of your everyday experiences, waiting to be acknowledged and cherished. Look about you and marvel at the rainbows of creatures great and small that share this world with you. From majestic creatures like elephants and whales to delicate insects and colorful birds, the diversity of life is a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Take the time to observe and appreciate the intricate details, unique behaviors, and interconnectedness of all living beings. Each creature has its own story to tell and contributes to the tapestry of life in its remarkable way

Look about for there is only light, love, abundance, prosperity, peace, harmony, joy, and thanksgiving.  Look about and embrace the love that flows abundantly. It is the universal force that connects all beings, transcending boundaries and fostering compassion, kindness, and unity. Feel the love that emanates from within you and radiates outwards, nurturing relationships, healing wounds, and creating a sense of belonging and interconnectedness. As you look about, recognize the abundance that surrounds you. It is the infinite supply of resources, opportunities, and blessings that are available to you. Embrace the mindset of abundance, knowing that there is more than enough for everyone. Allow yourself to receive and share the abundance that life has to offer, knowing that as you give, you also receive. Look about and cultivate a sense of prosperity. It is the state of flourishing and thriving in all aspects of life. Embrace the belief that you are deserving of abundance and success, and take inspired action towards your goals and dreams. Trust in the flow of life and know that prosperity is not limited to material wealth, but also encompasses emotional well-being, spiritual growth, and fulfilling relationships.


Look about you beloved child, you are loved beyond measure.  As you look about you, open your heart to the love that envelops your existence. It is a love that transcends human understanding, a love that is unconditional and eternal. Feel the warmth and tenderness that emanates from the world around you, reminding you that you are cherished and valued beyond measure. Beloved child, know that you are deeply loved by the universe, by those around you, and most importantly, by yourself. Embrace the truth that your worthiness is inherent and does not depend on external validation or achievements. You are deserving of love simply because you exist, because you are a unique and precious expression of life itself.

Look about you this day, give thanks for the creation of all that is. In your gratitude, find solace and inspiration. Allow the beauty and magnificence of creation to fill your heart with awe and wonder. Let the intricacies of nature and the mysteries of the cosmos ignite your curiosity and expand your understanding of the world. Draw strength and inspiration from the resilience and adaptability of the natural world, knowing that you too possess the capacity to grow and evolve. As you look about you this day, remember that you are an integral part of creation. You are a unique expression of the divine, with gifts and talents that contribute to the tapestry of existence. Embrace your role as a co-creator, recognizing the power of your thoughts, words, and actions in shaping the world around you. Give thanks for the opportunity to participate in the ongoing creation of a more loving, compassionate, and harmonious world.

Amanda Cooper

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