Angel Message Of The Day : Raise Your Voice



Sing the praises of the Creator, sing praises for your many blessings, sing your heart’s desires, and sing to the heavens speaking your truth, let your voice be heard.  Sing with all of your heart, sing with all of your soul, sing from deep within your soul. Let it flow from within you and out through your lips as you breathe life into each word that comes forth from them. Let the Creator know that you are here on this earth to celebrate every moment of your life. Singing is a tool that is something that touches everyone in different ways and it is about sharing what Creator has given you with others, it’s about creating something beautiful out of nothing but words and music.


Release that which no longer serves you and release all that does not please you. If you are not feeling the emotions of love, joy, and peace, then it is time to release what’s keeping you from feeling that way. You can’t change what is already done but you can change what is yet to come. Release your fear of the future, for it does not exist yet. Release your attachment to what happened in the past, for it has gone forever. Release your worries about what might happen in the future, for you do not know what will come. You are free to choose to release whatever is no longer beneficial to your life experience, but you cannot force anyone else to release anything from their lives either. You can only release what no longer serves you to make room for new experiences that will bring greater happiness into your life experience.

Open your heart and mind to the gentleness of clarity.  You will see that truth along the way and it will be directed toward you. All of us have our ups and downs, but it’s important to keep moving forward with the right attitude. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the right path, but when you do, it’ll be worth it. When you are in a state of clarity, you’re open to what is, and this allows for more creativity and inspiration. When you are hearing your inner voice speak, listen carefully because it might be telling you something very important about yourself or about what is coming next in life. 


In the silence of the moment, listen to your inner voice. Listen to what you have to say to yourself. What do you feel? Do you feel a sense of peace, contentment, or joy? If not, then what is it that needs to be addressed? Be aware of that feeling and allow it to surface.  To be quiet and listen to what your inner voice has to say. Then, decide if you want to follow its guidance. If so, then go for it. If not, then trust that this is the path for now and wait for another time when it may be more appropriate for you to act upon your intuition.


Still, the ego mind chatter for it desires dominion over you. It will tell you to be afraid, to doubt, to worry, and to struggle. However, do not let it get into your mind. This is not who you are at all on what the ego chitter says to you. It only wants dominion over you so it can keep you locked into its world of fear and suffering. Your soul is the still small voice of intuition that guides you in the right direction. It knows what is best for you, because it has your highest good in mind, not its selfish desires. Follow your might that sticks with light and love, it will move you to the right path.

Call upon me, the Angelic choir shall join voices with you.  Raise your voice in celebration of the way is made clear before you and raise your voice, allowing you to be heard.  The time has come for us to unite as one and speak out against those who seek to divide us. We all have a role to play in this journey toward unity, but it is only by working together that we can achieve this goal. Let us not lose hope because it is this very hope that gives us strength when times are tough and gives us the courage needed to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. We must always remember that our path here on Earth was chosen by ourselves so there is no need for regret or shame when things don’t go as planned; there is always another door opening up somewhere else if things aren’t working out at the moment.


Soften your tone; soften your volume; allow you to be silent in times of strife.  Give not to those who seek to quiet you. and give not to worry; worry is fear-based. Anger and fear are what lead us down the road of violence. Understand that you are worth giving to. Do not fight over someone that will make you stuck on a continuous cycle. it’s best to take a deep breath and let it go. If they are going out of their way to attack you then they must feel threatened by something about you. If they do not care about what they’re saying then there’s no reason for them to act like this toward you or anyone else.


Sing the praises of the Creator. Allow your Spirit to be uplifted.  Allow your light to shine forth as there is no judgment based in love. You are love, you are light and you are here on Earth to shine forth your light so that others may be uplifted and inspired by it. The more that you give, the more that you will receive back in return. That is how the world works and it cannot be any other way if you want to live in harmony with nature and all of its laws.

Allow your Spirit to soar upon the wings of butterflies and dragonflies.  Fly your spirit in grace as you keep moving forward to your path. Allow your Spirit to soar upon the wings of birds and unicorns.  Move higher with your path during the hard times in life.  Allow your Spirit to soar freely among the winged creatures great and small.  Raise your voice in celebration for all is revealed to you in the gentleness of clarity.

Amanda Cooper

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