Angel Message Of The Day : Unconditional Release



Release that which causes disharmony. Remove the energy inside of you that will heal the pain from your heart. The conflict inside of you will be resolved as you surrender yourself to the Divine One. Let the light and love guide you on this path. You can do it alone by visualizing what needs to be released as the conflict will no longer be a distraction in your view.


Release that which is conditional. You deserve a fresh start in every way possible and releasing what is no longer serving your highest good will allow for this new beginning. It will give room for more joy and happiness to flow into your life because with each release comes more lightness and freedom which means more love and joy will come pouring into your life too.


Release that which does not serve your highest and best good. Be willing to release the conditions you have set for yourself and others, as well as any expectations for your life that are based on those conditions. It does not require anything from you in return and it does not care if you reciprocate that love or not. Unconditional love cares only about itself and what it can do for others. It is pure, selfless, and altruistic.

Release all that is not of love and light. release all that blocks you from being happy, joyful, peaceful, and harmonious. Release all that does not bring you closer to your heart’s desire. Release all that does not nurture you. Release all that does not support your highest good. Release all thoughts, feelings, ideas, and beliefs that do not align with divine truth, divine love, and divine abundance. Claim back your power and your voice. You must truth with love and light. You are free to create your life in alignment with who you truly are: a pure being of love and light.


Call upon me to clear the path before you, lighting each step upon your path in brilliant white light. Seek guidance with the light provided in your life.  There is no place, no space for any shadow thought, emotion, circumstance, or situation to conceal itself. Let go of the negativity in your heart and it will be transmuted into positive energy from within you so that you may be at one with Spirit once again. Be reminded of who you truly are and what gifts you have to offer others around you. 


There is only love. There is only light. You are always perfect, exactly as you are. No matter what you have done, you are forgiven. The unconditional release is a powerful technique that helps to dissolve the ego. You are loved as you are, exactly as you are. You are unconditional love, unconditional light, unconditional joy, unconditional peace, and unconditional freedom. You are an eternal being, a divine being of light, love, and wisdom. You are unlimited in your ability to create the life you desire. You have the power to shape your reality with the thoughts that you think and the words that you speak. Your thoughts create your reality. All that you need to do is to accept this truth and live upon it.  


In the beginning, all was made in the likeness of Spirit, the Divine Source. All that is material is a shadow of Spirit. It is not real, but rather an illusion of your limited perception. This illusion has been created by you through your thoughts and actions, and by your beliefs in separation from the Divine One. You can choose to change this belief system at any time you choose to do so. Your thoughts create your reality, so if you want to experience something different in your life, you must change what you are thinking about. You must believe that there is more than just this physical world; there is another dimension where everything exists in perfect harmony with everyone.

All are made in love. All are made in light. In the beginning, there was only love, and all that exists is the result of the first thought. Release all of your thoughts and emotions that are not aligned with your truth. You must release all of your beliefs, thought patterns, and words that are not aligned with your truth. Aligning yourself with the true essence of who you are – unconditional love, peace, joy, and light. you are allowing yourself to be fully open to receive all that is good for you at this moment at this time.


Imagine a balloon, a beautiful emerald green balloon, breathe deeply, and exhale slowly filling the balloon with all thoughts of lack, and situations, which cause discomfort, and dis-harmony.  As you continue to breathe in and out, watch the balloon getting bigger and bigger. As you continue to breathe in and out of your heart center, imagine that you are breathing in love and breathing out all things that are not love. You can release the balloon in any way you like; you can let it fly away into the sky or you can pop it with your hands and let all that negativity go


Breathe in light then exhale all shadow and darkness into the balloon. Breathe deeply, inhaling the Divine Light and exhaling shadow.  You may have to do this several times. When you feel complete, release the balloon into the sky or allow it to float away on its own accord. Release these thoughts into the balloon and watch as they float away into nothingness. Breathe deeply again inhaling peace, love, and joy from within yourself then breathe out any remaining negative thoughts from within yourself.


Tie a beautiful, bright yellow, silken ribbon to seal all inside the balloon.  Let go of the balloon full of doubts and negativity you have released from within you. Let the winds take it far away, where it will never be found again. You are now free of all that burden that was weighing down your heart until now. As each breath leaves your body, imagine that it is carrying away with it all the doubts and negativity from within you You are now lighter than air and ready for anything


In love and light, release the balloon. The balloon begins to rise above all Earthly concerns. The balloon rises higher, higher, and higher still. The balloon rises even higher, carrying with it all of your wishes for peace and tranquility for everyone on Earth. Let go of any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself or your life. Let go of the resistance that keeps you from believing that anything can be different than it is now. Let go of any fear you may have about what might happen if you do make a change in your life. Your unconditional love is now radiating out from you to fill the entire planet with peace and joy.

The balloon continues to rise, you feel lighter and lighter, and the balloon has risen so high, it has become a speck.  You no longer see the balloon; there is nothing, person, situation, or circumstance to hold you from your good. Allow yourself to be free. All is well.

Amanda Cooper

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