Angel Message Of The Day : Purity Of White Light



Miracles are the answering of prayer, the seeking of knowledge, the mending of body, mind and Soul. 

Spirit energy within you is Divine, bright white light, unconditional love. 


That, which is bathed in the purity of bright, white light, shines the way before you. 


There is nothing that cannot be healed with love. 


There is nothing which cannot be healed in the light. 


There is nothing which remains in the shadows, for all shall be revealed in the 


Light of Divine Source. 


Light sustains you. 


Light illuminates all. 


Love is the nectar which surrounds the seen and unseen. 


Love is the nectar of life. 


Be not afraid to shine forth, casting no shadow about you, giving and receiving love effortlessly. 


As you gift others with grace light, you gift yourself with grace light. 


Go within; breathe deeply the purity of white light for it shall accompany you.

Amanda Cooper

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