Angel Message Of The Day : Purity Of White Light



Miracles are the answering of prayer, the seeking of knowledge, and the mending of body, mind, and Soul. A miracle is an unusual and welcome occurrence that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws. The more miracles you experience in your life, the more you’ll see them happening around you too because they’re contagious. This happens every day. They happen when someone reaches out to help another person in need or when someone gives up something dear to them because it makes life easier for someone else. One way to help yourself become more aware of miracles is by keeping a journal where you record times when you feel like something special happened or something miraculous happened. 


Spirit energy within you is Divine, bright white light, unconditional love. You are a vessel of this Divine light and it shines through you in all that you do. This light is filled with the wisdom and guidance of your higher self, the angels, and all of creation. When you are in alignment with your spirit energy, it feels good. Your mind is clear and focused, your body is healthy and strong, and your emotions are in balance. As you live your life from this place of deep inner knowing, you experience a sense of peace, harmony, joy, and contentment in every aspect of your life. This inner peace radiates outward into every area of your life creating harmony in all aspects of your life.

That, which is bathed in the purity of bright, white light, shines the way before you. It brings you closer to your true nature and allows you to see things more clearly. The light is the only thing that remains constant in your life. It is the one thing you can always rely on. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy one, the sun will always rise in the morning and set at night. The same goes for the moon and stars; The light may come out at different times of the day, but it will always be there when you look up into the sky.


There is nothing that cannot be healed with love.  It is said that nothing in this world has any value without love. We can do anything for someone who loves us, but we cannot expect anything from someone who doesn’t love us. Love is not a feeling, but an act of will It is also a conscious decision to include another person in your life. When you love yourself, your energy flows freely into the world and you feel good about yourself. You can see your worthiness, so you don’t need to seek validation from others or try to please everyone at all times

There is nothing which cannot be healed in the light. When you are in the light, you are in a place where there is no darkness. The light is the healing, restoring power in the universe. It is the force that transforms your life when you align with it. Therefore, there is no room for illness or disease. When you are willing to commit to the process of healing your wounds by facing your pain and asking for help when you need it most, the world becomes a better place. It is not an easy path to take, but it is one worth taking because there is nothing which cannot be healed in the light


There is nothing that remains in the shadows, for all shall be revealed in the light of the Divine Source.  The nature of your being is Love. There is no longer any need to hide or be ashamed of anything or anyone. All is forgiven, all is healed and all shall be made whole again. The time has come for you to embrace this reality fully, so that you may experience true freedom, happiness, and abundance. This can be done by simply opening your heart and mind to the idea of unity consciousness. It means seeing yourself as one with everyone else in this earthly realm


Light sustains you.  It is in the light that you see, it is in the light that you think and feel. You need light in your life. You are born into this world with a soul, a spiritual essence that has been around since before time began. Our soul comes from the Source of all creation. You will recognize this place as heaven or paradise because it is filled with light and love and all your loved ones are there waiting for you to join them so they can celebrate your arrival into heaven together.


Light illumines all. In your dark era, you will be guided by the light and it will never leave you. The light is always there for you, even if you cannot see it. Just like a candle that can illuminate a dark room, so too can the light illuminate your path. You may not know where you are headed or what awaits you, but rest assured that the light will guide you through the darkness.

Love is the nectar that surrounds the seen and unseen. It is an energy that nourishes everything in creation. Love is the force that brings balance to your life and allows you to discover your true Self. Love is the unconditional acceptance of all beings as they are, without judgment or criticism. It means recognizing that everyone has their path to follow in life, their lessons to learn, and their challenges to overcome.


Love is the nectar of life. Love brings joy, it makes you feel more alive, and it makes the world beautiful and exciting. It brings out the best in you and makes you want to give more than what you receive. Love is a wonderful feeling that if shared with others can make this world a better place to live in. Not only does love make you feel good but it also helps you grow as a person as you learn to see things from other people’s perspective as well as your own.

Be not afraid to shine forth, casting no shadow about you, giving and receiving love effortlessly.  There is no reason for you to fear the light. You are a child of the Divine One, a part of it. This means that everything good in this world is within you. You have only to be aware of it and allow it to flow through you. You have come so far on the journey of awakening and it has been a long one for many of you. But now you will see that it was worth every step.


As you gift others with grace light, you gift yourself with grace light. As your soul becomes filled with grace and light, you will feel an inner peace and happiness that cannot be shaken by the ups and downs of life. You are giving them your love, your joy, and your peace. When you do that, it does not matter if they do not love you back or return the favor in any way: You have given from a place of love, and that is what counts. The more love and kindness you give, the more love and kindness you receive. The more compassion you give, the more compassion you receive. The more forgiveness you give, the more forgiveness you receive.

Go within; breathe deeply the purity of white light for it shall accompany you. The white light is a tool of protection, a shield that guards and preserves you from all harm. It is a vehicle for the angels, for their healing energies flow in through this protective shield. As you breathe in its purity, feel it surround your body like a cocoon of love and protection, protecting your body from all harm as well as keeping away any negativity that may be present.

Amanda Cooper

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