Angel Message Of The Day : Expansion

Angel of Spiritual Growth 


Expansion. Why does this matter? Being open to go beyond your own preconceived bounds is expansion. Being open to new experiences, encounters, and career changes is what it means to expand. Expansion is willing to let go of what is currently in the past. Accepting you in all your magnificence is expansion. Accepting your own Divine Nature and letting the Flame of Divinity within you illuminate the path ahead are both aspects of expansion. To expand, you need to be willing to step beyond your own preconceived boundaries. We all have them—the things we believe are true for us, the things about ourselves that we just know aren’t up for grabs. But if you’re willing to step outside of those boundaries and see what’s really there, then expansion can happen. You’ll meet new people, change jobs, and experience new things that are outside your comfort zone. And when you do this consistently—when you keep expanding—you begin to see how truly amazing you are in every way possible. You begin to accept yourself fully as who you are—and what a divine being you truly are.

Open yourself up to joy, love and peace. Allow yourself to be filled with these things right now by simply allowing yourself to feel them. You don’t have to do anything else other than allow yourself time and space to feel them deeply within your heart center and soul body at this moment in time while reading these words today while I’m writing them down for you before they disappear into thin air forever like a puff of smoke seen only in our minds as we try so hard not to forget them but yet somehow lose sight of them somewhere out there somewhere else just out there somewhere else where nobody can find it anymore even though somebody might be looking for it too but then again maybe not because maybe nobody cares anymore about finding something


Accepting that not everyone will want to or be able to understand your search for the light is expansion. Accepting that your inner development is reflected in the physical world outside of you is expansion. Expansion may be a spiritual experience for some people. Others see it as intelligent. But for all of us, it’s a unique path that calls for patience and tenacity. Our purpose is not to live in a world of sound bites and fast cures. We’re here to figure out how to get from the shadows to the light.

You are a seeker of the light. You have been seeking for a long time, ever since you learned about what it means to be human. You have spent so much time learning about yourself and your place in the world that you forget that sometimes, people will not understand what you’re going through. They will not want to understand. They will not be able to understand, because they do not know what it is like to seek the light


They think they know, but they do not know. They are not seeking the light—they are only seeking their own comfort and security, which comes from being safe in their homes and surrounded by others who love them and care for them as they wish to be cared for themselves. This is why expansion is accepting not all will understand or want to understand your seeking the light. It means being open to expanding your understanding of yourself and others, even when it feels scary or uncomfortable. 


At the end of the day, you’re here because you want to be. You want to know yourself better, and you want to share your knowledge with others. You want to be able to see how the world works, and how you fit into it. Expansion is all these things and more. Expansion is knowing your thoughts, emotions and your actions benefit not only you but all those around you. 

Accepting that not everyone will want to or be able to understand your search for the light is expansion. When we look for ways to grow, we allow ourselves to realize that we are several things at once rather than just one. We constantly develop, change, and learn new things. We are always changing, learning new things, and sharing them with those who may not yet have had the opportunity to do so. This is who we are as humans. Expansion is knowing you need not speak; you need simply walk the path before you in love allowing the light within to illuminate the path before you. 

Amanda Cooper

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