Angel Message Of The Day : Expanding Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Archangel Haniel 


All that has come before this moment brings you to the edge of all you have known. There is much growth, much expansion before you. 


There are a few among you who would see you stand your ground, expanding no further. We say this to you … place one foot before the other, step into the light, come out of the shadows for there is only love and light, compassion, strength, harmony and balance, abundance and prosperity, seeing beyond physical realm limitations.  

There is much which tempts you from your path


Give you the gift of reaching out to another to assist you in your Spiritual growth


Choose wisely seeking the Soul Light of another whose gift of light is unconditional. Trusting the path before you may at times be fraught with the appearance of deceit.  This we say to you, all that is not of love and light shall be made known to you.

Give thanks, for the light shines upon all things in all places great and small.  


All is illuminated in the light of Source


There is only light.  

There is only love.  


All else shall fall from you. 


Be not afraid of this day.

Amanda Cooper

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