Angel Message Of The Day : Pure In Heart, Pure In Thought



Divine Light shines down upon you, illuminating the way. There are many options on the path in front of you. A land of tranquility, happiness, contentment, abundance and prosperity, love, and compassion lies before you on the path. With each step, the path in front of you changes in unanticipated ways. Although I am aware that you have traveled a long way to be here today, I think the time is right for you. You’ve made the right choice and taken the route that will take you to your destination. You are prepared to take this next step in your life and see how much better things can get for you once you make this change, as well as for those around you.

What is it you seek? Do you seek to expand your sense of worth? eople often come to me because they feel like they don’t deserve what they have, or they are worried that they will lose everything they have gained if they stop working so hard. When it comes to your sense of self-worth, you need to know that you’re enough just as you are—not because you want others to think so, or because you think you should be better than someone else, or even because someone else thinks so. Your worth is not something we can give or take away from you. It’s something that exists within yourself and only you can see it.


Perhaps you seek your own Spiritual truths, gaining a better understanding of your life’s purpose. Whatever you shall seek, be pure of heart. To find out more about the Truth of your life, I will guide you on a journey through my own personal journey. I am here to help you find that which you have lost sight of and rekindle your hope in the power of spirit. You are working toward a better understanding of yourself, your relationship with others and the world around you. You may feel that you have been called to something greater, but have no idea what it is. Whatsoever you shall seek, be pure of heart.


We are all here for a reason. We seek for the gift of knowledge for ourselves, and we seek for the gift of sharing the Light and Love of Divine Source with others. But how do we know what our gifts are? How do we know if they are being used or not? How do we know if they are being shared in the way they were intended to be? The answer is simple: when you can see it. When you can feel it. When you can taste it. When you can sense it.

You are one of many children of light in this world, few of whom have heard the call to come into their power as fully as you have done. You have been called upon to do great things here on earth, but you must remain humble and aware that your calling is not based on who you are or what you look like or where you came from; instead, it is based on what your heart desires most. Your heart will guide you and show you the way when it is ready.


Knock and the door shall be opened before you. Choose wisely, choose from the heart. This is your chance to be heard. It is time to make your voice heard, it is time to shout out and be heard. You are now being called upon to take a stand in this world of ours. It is not easy nor should it be taken lightly, but it is your right as an independent person to make your voice heard in this world full of strife and violence. Let us all come together as one, let us all share in our dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow that we can build together as one people

You have been given the gift of compassion. You are a master at seeing the world through the eyes of others; it is what makes you so effective as a communicator. Your compassion is what makes you a great leader, and it is also what brings out your best in every relationship you have. But sometimes, when we are feeling overwhelmed by our own emotions and responsibilities, we forget that there is another way to relate to those around us—a way that will help us grow and develop as human beings. The first step in achieving this is to speak with love and compassion for yourself, for others, and for life itself.


Speak with love and compassion because they are two sides of the same coin: They both help us see things more clearly, which allows us to live more fully in our present moment rather than wasting time dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about what might happen next. Speaking with love also helps us practice patience, which is always an important skill when working with people or families who may be difficult to get along with at times. Speak with love whenever possible because it will help you become more confident in yourself.

Amanda Cooper

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